Live Right Now: Cyberspectrum 17 Software Defined Radio Meetup

Every month SDR evangelist Balint Seeber hosts the Cyberspectrum Meetup in San Francisco, where many SDR fans come together to listen to various presentations. This months meetup is live right now (at the time of this post) and you can watch it live now on YouTube, or delayed later now over, but the recorded stream is available for viewing on YouTube. If you are in San Francisco you can attend the live meetup, but if not you can watch the live stream on YouTube.

This time the talks include:

•”The Land Mobile Radio Spectrum: What is out there, how it works, and how you can hear it” with Desmond Crisis (@dcrisis)

Wireless two-way is the technology that keeps the world working in sync. I’ll explore the various public safety, private enterprise, and personal communications services from[masked] MHz.  We’ll discuss the occupied spectrum, modulation bandwidths, trunked radio schemes and digital transmission modes currently in use on the band as well as what lies ahead. Bring your SDR kit and play along!


• An Academic Look at Interference & Jamming

• Installfest / Hackfest / Debugfest

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