New Alternative WxToImg Website with Most Files

Last month we posted that the website for the popular NOAA APT weather satellite decoding software known as WxtoImg went down. Since then we've been in contact with the developer of the software, and he did indicate that he may restore the site at some time in the future, but is currently busy with other projects so doesn't have much time to devote to his old software at the moment.

In the meantime (or perhaps permanently) a WXtoImg fan has created a clone of the original website which he's called "WXtoImg Restored". The site contains most of the downloads as well as a professional edition update key, which was released for free by the original author before. If you don't trust the third party site, some downloads are also still available from the internet archival project's copies of the original WXtoImg website.

There are still some files missing on WXtoImg Restored, and these are outlined on the new website's homepage, so if you have them please contribute them to the site email.

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nog een keer, het programma loopt nu ook veel te snel

gr pjotr


plaatjes zijn wel erg kort terwijl ik de noaa nog erg lang kan ontvangen , houdt dit op de helft al op .
wat doe ik verkeerd

gr pjotr

Farid YD1HVZ

Fix Installer if your installer always crash at windows 10

David Stark NF2G

I have also tried downloading the TLE files directly and placing them into the WXtoIMG directory. The program then locks up at startup.


I had the problem where the install crashes on Windows 10 but the beta installed and seems to be working fine.

James Kitching

Same :(… If anyone can help please do

David Stark NF2G

I have downloaded and successfully installed and upgraded under Windows 10. However, the “update keps” function does not actually work. It reports that Keplers have been updated from, but on next restart the program again complains that they are years out of date. The files retain dates in 2010.


The windows install version on cloned website (for me) doesn’t work, crashes at start. found this link and the Win version installs flawlessy: