Notice: WXtoImg Website Down

Just a note that the website for the popular NOAA APT weather satellite decoding software WxtoImg is currently down, and may possibly never be revived. This software is commonly used with RTL-SDR dongles to download weather satellite images from the NOAA 15, 18 and 19 polar orbiting satellites.

It seems that the author of the software has not been maintaining the site and software for a while, although there was a brief update on the site back in 2017 when the professional version keys were released for free. But the keys reportedly no longer work. WXtoImg is closed source, so the code is not available either.

Some of the downloads are still available via, however it only seems to be the Windows and some of the Linux versions that were archived. Over on two Reddit threads [1] [2], some users are also collecting the last free versions and making them available for download again. If anyone has access to the last beta versions for ARM devices please upload them somewhere too.

Also if anyone happens to have the contact details of the author, or someone who knows the author please let us know as we'd like to ask for permission to mirror the files.

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I found this simple dropbox link with deb and .tar.gz pakages, searching for wxtoimg-armhf-2.11.2:


Last directors Simon Donald Meiklejohn and Daniel Guy Meiklejohn are also running another company still active: Rivermount Limited
Simon moved to Nevada USA but Daniel is still in Auckland NZ.
Time for Carl to go for an interview 🙂


WXtoImg was, as far as I can tell, originally developed by Abstract Technologies New Zealand Limited, whose sole director was Craig Thomas Anderson (as seen here:

A Craig Thomas Anderson is now listed as director of Boxfish Research Limited (

News article about Boxfish:

Do you think they’re the same person?


please I need the program for a project I’m doing maybe they could share me if they have it saved.
[email protected]
Thank you


For the license, supposedly setting the date it runs under to 2017 with this software helps:


Looks like the company who developed it dissolved a few years back and with no clue who actually wrote it I don’t see it coming back :/

Joe Rotello


Should have moved to OpenSource long ago. Now appears that new programming, hopefully OpenSource based, will; be required for Windows / Mac / Linux / Android versions of this otherwise much respected and needed software.