Portable Shortwave Spectrum Capture with an Airspy + Spyverter and Tablet

Over on his blog London Shortwave writes how difficult it can be trying to listen to shortwave radio stations when you’re indoors and in a big city filled with RF noise. His solution is a portable lightweight shortwave travel kit that he can take to the park. The kit that he recommends using includes an Airspy SDR with SpyVerter upconverter, a Toshiba Encore 8″ Tablet and an OTG USB adapter. His antenna is a portable dipole made from two pieces of 6m copper wire connected to a balun, then connected to the SDR with 3m of coax. The whole kit easily fits into a small metal brief case.

For the software London Shortwave uses SDR# and he enjoys capturing large chunks of the HF spectrum for replay later using the base band recorder and file player plugins for SDR#. In his post he also shows how he runs the Airspy in debug mode to restrict it to 6 MHz which is the maximum bandwidth that his tablet’s CPU can handle.

His post shows various example videos of his setup receiving some nice shortwave signals.

London Shortwave's SDR Kit.
London Shortwave’s SDR Kit.
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Michael Andreas

Follow the link in the article to get that information.

Jacob Nye

Could you tell me the specs of your tablet. I am interested in getting a handheld SDR solution instead of using my laptop when I’m out and about but would like to know what the system requirements you found that worked for you were.