Pytacle – A GSM Decoding/Decrypting Tool Now Supports RTL-SDR

Pytacle, a Linux tool used for automating GSM sniffing has been updated to alpha2, and now supports the RTL-SDR dongle with this update.

According to the website pytacle is

a tool inspired by tentacle. It automates the task of sniffing GSM frames of the air, extracting the key exchange, feeding kraken with the key material and finally decode/decrypt the voice data. All You need is a USRP (or similar – [RTL-SDR]) to capture the GSM band and a kraken instance with the berlin tables (only about 2TB ;) )

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Pytacle is executed pretty straight forward: chmod +x


I saw this video and is really interesting:
It’s just what I try to do but the problem is that it needs the kraken tool to do it, and I don’t know how to get it.

Could someone help me please? Thanks in advance.


Does anyone know how to execute this in Linux? I’m rather new in the Linux environment (Kali and Ubuntu) and I’m not familiar with a .glade file. The .py files won’t run either.


Tested & working.