Linux LiveDVD that Supports RTL-SDR and HackRF


  1. Heretic

    32 bit ver 15 will not work unless I put it on virtualbox on my 64bit machine. The fix was unworkable. I tried to load it on a 32bit netboot, but I finally gave up. cannot create virtual drive.

  2. timos Tokas

    This is great to start!!!! Thank you!!! One question running livedvd can you run a flowgraph in gnu radio? I made a simple one, i saved it in desktop, but i can’t execute it!!! I am totally newbie!!!

  3. Andy

    Thanks for trying “Andy’s Ham Radio Linux”! The README contains a lot of tidbits to get your system up and running. It is posted on Sourceforge, as well as in the “Documentation->Read RELEASE NOTES” menu. I’ll admit that it isn’t organized well, but the info you seek should be there!

    Getting sound working as a non-root user requires a couple of steps that are documented. The user name and password of the live medium are shown on the initial text screen when booting, or can be found here:

    On Sourceforge, the “Discussion” and “Open Discussion” forums contain many more tidbits of information:

    The ham radio software is as “fully tested” as I can make it. I use most of this software on my own ham radio laptop. Given the large number of permutations of computer hardware, unfortunately not every configuration will be easy to use.

    Thanks for trying this software collection! Have a lot of fun, and 73,

    Andy (of Andy’s Ham Radio Linux)

  4. NullOp

    Has this release been *fully* tested? The last time I downloaded it the version of linux had a problem finding the sound card. And since it’s a liveDVD…

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