Radio Related News Occurring in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In the current Russia-Ukraine conflict we've seen several noteworthy radio related events occurring over the last few days, mostly throughout Twitter.

Russian HF Bomber Communications

As mentioned in the previous post it has been found that since the start of the invasion, Russian Strategic bombers have been very active on USB voice at 8131 kHz. We've even seen a security firm predict air raid siren activations based on increased bomber HF activity. 

Russian Military HF Frequencies Jammed by Activists

It has been observed that several Russian military HF stations including the famous UVB-76 Buzzer have been jammed with either the Ukrainian national anthem, or various meme-type songs. It is likely that these stations are being jammed mostly by civilian activists, or members of the activist hacker collective known as Anonymous, rather than any military organization.

The UVB-76 Buzzer is a famous and mysterious numbers station that plays a buzzing sound and sometimes voice. It can be received from all over the world. Via civilian investigations, and through the use of the KiwiSDR TDoA direction finding functionality, it has been found to be transmitted from a location just north of St. Petersburg, and is assumed to be a military signal of some sort.

We've also seen waterfall text based jamming:

Using KiwiSDRs you can listen to these jammed stations yourself remotely through public internet connected SDRs in Europe. Some known frequencies are listed here and here. 

We note that there have also been reports about fake Russian frequencies being posted on the internet.

We assume most jamming is happening from outside the warring countries, and it is unknown how far the jamming signals extend onto Russian or Ukrainian territory, or how much of an impact they are having on Russian operations.

Russian State TV Hacked

Twitter account Anonymous TV has reported hacking Russian state TV to show citizens what is actually happening in Ukraine. It's unknown if this was a hack via TV transmissions being overpowered by another signal, or a computer hack.

Starlink Activated in Ukraine

A few days ago Elon Musk and SpaceX activated their Starlink wireless satellite internet system in Ukraine, and have sent over a shipment of ground terminals. This is useful as even if the local wired internet were to be destroyed, or be censored by Russia, the Starlink system will be able to connect to uncensored internet as long as there is power. 

An account of a Ukrainian engineer and RF hobbyist recently Tweeted his success at getting his Starlink system up and running from his home in Ukraine. We decided not to link to his Twitter account in this post, just in case he needs to delete his account for safety in the future as he appears to be very close to the bombing.

Viasat Satellite Service Experiences Cyberattack and Outages

Viasat, another provider of satellite internet services in Ukraine region appears to have been subject to a DDOS cyberattack, causing outages to it's satellite internet service in the European region.

SSTV Activism Seen On Russian Meridian Satellites

Meridian satellites are a "family of telecommunications satellites for civil and military use developed by Russia in the 2000s placed in a Molniya Orbit" (Wikipedia). A tweet by Scott Tilley @coastal8049 has noted that they have seen reports of SSTV activist activity occurring on the 484 MHz Meridian transponders. 

Scott Tilleys Twitter feed also shows some interesting other pieces of news and information, including frequencies and orbits of Meridian satellites, images of a destroyed Russian command and control satellite communications vehicle, and links to now deleted, but Google cached pages with information about Russian satellite communication systems.

APRS Activism against Russia causes APRS-IS DDOS

Amateur radio operators can use a system called APRS to communicate with text and packet data globally through internet connected radio repeaters. A few days ago it appears that anti-Russia activists flooded the APRS-IS (Automatic Packet Reporting System-Internet Service) system with bogus packets targeting Russian coordinates, which unintentionally resulted in a denial of service (DOS) event on APRS trackers like 

DARC Urges Safety First for Ukraine and Foreign Amateur Radio Hobbyists

The German ham-radio association known as DARC has issued a warning to Ukrainian hams, and to foreign hams who may receive from them. Amateur radio operations are currently banned in Ukraine due to wartime laws.

Poland Amateur Radio Society Provides WinLink HF Email Service

In response to geopolitical threats, the Poland Amateur Radio Society has set up a HF WinLink email system, aimed at provided email services to amateur radio operators that could be cutoff from internet email services. It appears this may be aimed at helping Ukrainians communicate, however in these modern days of electronic warfare, it is important to take into account the warning from DARC above too as transmitting stations could easily be located by Russian electronic warfare forces.

Dear HAM operators, in the face of the latest threats in our region and a possibility of an incoming wave of refugees, with over 2 mln already living in Poland, we would like to remind you that we are at your disposal.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, you can send information by e-mail to your relatives in Poland or Emergency Services with via the Winlink system, which works on HF bands, independently of access to the local ICT infrastructure

We advise you to download the software, install it and check its operation.
Polish WinLink nodes are QRV on 160,80,20m
SR5WLK dial frequency 3595,5 kHz USB
SR3WLK dial requency 14111 kHz USB
SP3IEW dial frequency 1865 kHz USB

If we receive information about the cut-off of the Internet in the region in danger, we will be QRV daily as SP0MASR @ 18-20 UTC on the frequencies 3770 kHz +/- QRM, 7110 kHz +/- QRM. In such a situation, please communicate in Polish or English.

We are here to serve you.

Shortwave Listening Updates

The excellent blog has also provided some updates on shortwave, including news that WRMI have resumed broadcasts of Radio Ukraine International, Ukrainian state radio resumes broadcasting at 549 kHz, and that the BBC adds to new broadcasts to Ukraine.

Russian Oligarch Jets Tracked with ADS-B

An activist has set up a Twitter account to track the private jets of Russian Oligarch's via ADS-B. ADS-B aircraft data can be used to track aircraft locations, and these signals are typically received with low cost SDRs like RTL-SDRs. The project appears to use data sourced from which is known to be one of the only ADS-B aggrators that does not censor data.

The 7055 kHz 'Radio War' Frequency Sees Increase in Activity

In has been reported that the 7055 kHz LSB amateur radio frequency has been used by Ukrainian and Russian amateur radio operators for some time now to insult each other in a 'radio war', and recently activity has significantly increased. Other frequencies involved include 7050 kHz LSB and 3731 kHz.

Captured Equipment Shows Russian Radio Hardware In Use

A recent tweet shows a photo of hardware supposedly captured from Russian forces. Of interested is a Russian R-187PI Azart, a handheld digital software defined radio.

At the same time unconfirmed reports suggest that some parts of the Russian army may be relying on civilian Baofeng radios.

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Hutin Puy

Russian misanthropic fascist regime must fall!


Important note: it is not about “Russia-Ukraine conflict”. It is about brutal Russian aggression AGAINT Ukraine!

serial Killer hertz

I hope my QSL card from the Russian time station RWM doesn’t get intercepted by our government or something. Been waiting for it for a while now. I have no ill will to any Russian person. RT was banned here recently, yet we’re told day in day out on the TV news how to Russia sensors it’s media. Funny isn’t it? Cynics might say exactly the same happens in the good old “free” world. Lol!


Interesting how pirating to transmit the “truth” is now acceptable alongside
with the Ukrainian version of Sieg Heil. Mindless drones all around.


I agree with you. SDR, RadioAmaetour community shoud have nothing with war propaganda – one or other side. We see enough of censure, one-sided propaganda on both sides. Much worse than in 2014. Now in West of Russia, goverments simply banned all news from Russian side while “western” news media simply quote Ukrainan official statements. In EVERY war both sides of war have their own propaganda, it’s normal that Ukrainan goverment lies and Russian goverment lies.
Less normal is that “western”! goverments simply banned Russian TV, rado, news, while reciting other side (Ukrainan side) of propaganda. Journalism is dead.
SDR community, Radioamater community should not been part of this propaganda (one or other side), and should fight for FREE INFORMATION (every informaton, not just a “true” (“true” defined by one or other side), even less should SDR community support war wih helping one or other side with jamming, helping spreading officcial propaganda of one side, etc.
I love SDR, I love frequencies, I love everything about radio (voice, data,everything), but what happens within SDR, radio communities as regards to war, which should never exitst in first place (not in 2014, not now), I’m very sad that intelligent people with knowedge and interest in SDR are failing to one or other proaganda and are making part of this war…
Please stop.


I wish all these crap comments that has nothing to do with SDR’s or so, would be removed from here ASAP.

Bud The SWL



Many readers will have noticed the posts from Beef Jerky and now Krong. A little bit of linguistic analysis indicates that both of these are trolls who are engaged in spreading confusion and lies. In particular BJ writes in an accusatory style as in “You seem to be unaware…..” This style of address is typically used by those who wish to belittle the reader and is not used by those proficient in either writing or argument. it is both confrontational and aggressive. Another example “Read up on NATO expansion….” This expression is using the imperative form which in this case, sharing views on a forum, is aggressive and ugly. Again ” You shouldn’t take sides …” the imperative mode is used in an attempt to bully the reader. In this next example the writing does not make sense “one side is “right” is nothing short of ignorant….” and here the aggressive accusatory style uses inflamatory language and the last part of the sentence following “is nothing short…” does not connect with the first part. A further example of lack of experience in the writing of the English language is contained in the response to my post “Anon where have you been for the last two decades…” this type of expression is not commonly used in the written form but is English in the conversational style. A native Engllish writer/speaker would not make this mistake. Also he, BJ, continues to take me to task for mentioning the mass murder campaigns in Russia. He is hoping to distract attention away from the actual content of my post. Taken together these observations suggest to me that BJ is not a native English speaker. His frequent mention of NATO and lies about its origin and mission is an attempt to spread confusion and in that confusion to spread lies and divert attention from the more obvious facts.

Beef Jerky

You are literally speaking like the average CNN reporter or US politician. You can’t complete single post without engaging in ad hominem attacks. The straw man is your god.
Instead of trying to formulate some sort of argument against my statements, you pose as a “linguistic expert” and continue to beat your “Russian Troll” dead horse? Really? That horse was decomposed into quarks a long time ago. Are we playing the reddit/CNN/Fox News game now??? What you did in your post is literally a meme. You picked out a number of statements and simply asserted, without any evidence, that my composition method indicates I am “not a native english speaker”. I will now assert, without any evidence, that you would support “ebonics” as a valid and acceptable way to speak english, and call anyone who disagreed with you either a bigot or a xenophobe. You are THAT meme. The only way to describe my reaction to your post is either “ROFLCOPTER” or “LOLLERSK8TES”. I wish I could post a gif here. I wish I could troll you in Russian, but the only foreign language I ever took was a spanish class and the only phrases I remember are how to ask for a beer, and how to ask where the bathroom is.
anon, if you actually took the time to try and understand the point I am trying to make, you would see that I am only trying to take the side of the civilian; I believe war is ALWAYS wrong when there is a diplomatic solution; I believe that all human lives are precious and that it is absolutely evil what our leaders are doing (and have been doing for decades!). (I assume you will take the previous sentence and use your linguistic expertise to infer that I in fact wish for nuclear war, lmao)
I could link to sources regarding my statements, but I am sure you wouldn’t read them. Despite this, a quick google search would yield you nearly limitless *original* sources (i.e… not reddit, wikipedia, or the corporate media… I know, it might be hard for you to get your information elsewhere, sorry bug). Many people in NATO member governments have been warning about this invasion as a result of NATO expansion. The promises NATO made to Russia after the USSR fell were all very well documented, and are documented even on the US government’s archival websites. Russia has always been known for its agression, just like china. NATO had a diplomatic solution to all of this, but that is not what NATO does. NATO countries claim WMD’s and go in guns blazing. NATO countries kill women and children with drone strikes and call the victims terrorists. Just because Russia has killed countless millions of its own people with its absolutely idiotic communist methods does NOT justify NATO killing anyone!!! I am not even trying to take an absolute position here – I will readily admit that these problems and the history behind them have become so complex that there is an almost limitless amount of historical information from which one could formulate opinions on! My simple point is that all of this, and both sides, are WRONG. But here you are, trying to justify killing, war, violence. If you are in fact an educated person, then your position is rather disconcerting. Education is supposed to open your mind and your eyes, not close it and send you to the “Dissenters to my opinions are Russian Trolls” insane assilem.

Beef Jerky

anon, it is really shameful that people are so blinded by social and mass media that they have completely forgotten the recent past.
How many soldiers and civilians did Russia lose fighting Germany in world war 2?
The estimates for Russia are nearly 14 million – That is 7 million soldiers, and 7 million civilians.
Look at the estimates for all other countries, and you will see that not one other country in the world came close to the same military losses, except for Germany (estimated 4.5 million).
Let me restate that just to make sure you read it at least once: Russia’s sacrifice fighting against Hitler and Germany was far greater than any other country, except for china (but China was fighting Japan so this is a side topic).
Do you think that if Russia had not made this absolutely massive sacrifice, losing more soldiers and civilians than any other country except china, that Hitler still would have lost?
Talk to any informed historian and they will tell you that Germany absolutely would have won world war 2 without Russia’s massive sacrifice.
And what would the world look like now, if that had happened?
Yes, communism is bad, and has killed hundreds of millions of people, but don’t forget that communism is forced on those people, and despite how terrible things were in Russia because of its corrupt leaders and communism, nearly 10 million Russian humans sacrificed their lives to defeat the evil of Germany.
In my opinion, THAT is why the Russian people are special. Why do you think Russia is special? Why do you side with any of these evil world powers? Why won’t you side with the civilians of every country, instead? We are all the same, and no civilian should be allowing their minds to be polluted by the narratives and lies of these evil world powers, no matter what country they live in.


You can try to deform history , but the fact is …
URSS supply german goods to start the war and up to “Barbarossa operation”
Only when Staline saw he was tricked by Hitler.
WW2 was started by CCCP & Nazis !
Staline & Hitler invaded Poland in same time ! ( Ribbentrop Molotov )
Secondly … coming to explain that CCCP deliver … your forget that USA send all to russia to fight … or russian solder were ready to figth only with toothpicks !
You play the game of these dictators by re-writting history … you want so called peace but you propagate false story ! And propangada either with Covid …
Germany would have won ww2 without russia …blablablabla … NO … WW2 would not start without the help of Russie … this is the point !
Try to find any apologies about russia … the real agressor here is RUSSIA … Russia people fear … then soldier can drop weapons and make themself as PoW !
6 months ago Poutine your great leader elected by massive russian people … told to everybod that Ukrainians was russian brother … another lie !
Russia crooked leader can only lie , more bigger is the lie better is for them !
Poutine told during 2 weeks … Russia Will NOT INVADE Ukrainia … Another lie !
Russian citizen have the power to remove Poutine … when we want … we CAN !
Russia do not want NATO on border ? But with Poland … they will get another bigger … and do not get fooled if you think polish people will not fight …
Your forget the MAIN point … all old URSS countries … ASKED to be inside NATO … and not included by force & army like russia or with fear to be invaded / war like the puppet of Lukashenko …
Russian army 7 millions … 7 millions non trained like the boys send … around 20 years .. fooled by explaining they do a secure operation … another lie !
Russia will be a paria country … isolated by their lies !


Russia defeated the Nazis! If Rus had not done this, Poland would have been an eternal slave. although Poland is already a slave, but only now with US .. Instead of saying “thank u Rus guys”, u hate Russ at the behest of your Western colleagues. Regarding the dictatorship of Stalin, yes, it was some bad situations, but there are no issues/mistakes in the war. After the victory over Germany, Rus retained the sovereignty of all countries, including the GDR (Germany). Therefore, I cant understand why u are so opposed to Russia, which helped u in its time and now supplies gas and oil and so on….

Beef Jerky

When you really dig down to the roots of all of this, does it even matter? I am certainly not posing as an expert regarding world history, but it appears clear to me that there have always been diplomatic solutions to most conflicts which have led to massive civilian casualties. This leads me to believe that the leaders of all these countries an entities – Russia, Europe, the USA, NATO, etc, are all evil and care nothing for civilians in any country.
Add on top of this the absolute hypocrisy of the anti-Russia people in developed countries and it all just seems like a big joke that no one with a functioning brain should get involved in. In the USA, the same people urging Ukranians to fight and die to fight :”tyranny” are the same exact people who cowered in fear for the last 2 years as their governments told them to “lock down” for a “pandemic” that kills 0.2% of the population, and worse yet, a vast majority of that 0.2% are either significantly past the median age of death, or had serious and deadly underlying health conditions. Please don’t turn this into a corona debate, by the way, the facts and statistics are out there, do with them what you will. My point is that these people who bent to tyranny in the name of “staying safe”, doing exactly what the corporate media and corrupt politicians told them to do, are now calling for Ukranians to do the exact opposite. It is far beyond comedy. It is sad. It leads me to believe that no matter what happens, the evil leaders will get their way, and this will grow into world war 3, which will lead to the most powerful and corrupt leaders having even more power, and will lead to the death of millions of civilians who just want to work and live and enjoy life.

Boris Badenov

BS as sanctions have worked only 20% of the time for the US during its entire history.

Diplomacy failed and under Obama, and now Biden we enabled our Russian and North Korean and Iranian enemies.

The dice is cast.

I lived from the Nam through the Cold War as a enlisted later naval aviation office, so your diatribe is one of an academic liberal POV and not what HUMINT tell us.

WW I – Democrats praised and celebrated in parties in NYC the U-Boat Captains until the Mexican telegram showed the German plans against the USA.

WW II – Democrats supplied Germany munitions and parts and Time made Hitler man of the Year.
Your supposed facts and statistics (please cite the DoS or DIA/DoD sources and do not give me some Internet or esp. CNN report.

We could have stopped this invasion when the Crimean threat started and the Obama and Democratic leadership did not.

Instead we attacked Trump with false Russian collaboration claims while Senator Hillary (Boeing & Uranium One), and DoS Hillary (violations of basic USC / NISPON cybersecurity management and contractual laws/policies) , and adding to the cake of criminal activities, the hiring of foreign agents (3-5 of which by proxy were Russian government employees) and willful destruction of ISG property before the FBI could examine it for cybersecurity violations (aside form using a foreign contractor and illegal server for DoS sensitive to classified traffic and that also wound up on her aide’s laptop along with her husband’s porno files).

My point is dispel the left wing media propaganda that is rather ignorant and basically fabricated or filtered, and the fact that Biden is a coward like Hunter (I bet they are giving back that foreign money, some of which was Russian sourced), get ready to do your duty as a man, as an American.

Next time vote for the person who has a history outside of politics that gets things done, and learns from failures.

The blood of the millions to come as civilians should pay the price for their poor election of these leaders is on the party of slavery, anti-civil rights, and no violent anarchy and a conspiracy, now a coup. I am tired of wasting the best of us for the worst of us, who never walk their talk claiming to be freedom and equality loving Americans.

If you do not fight to defend our Republic, you need to find a new place to call home, as this time when the vets come home, draft dodgers should lose their citizenship and be deported, as we failed to do to Bill Clinton and others in Canada … mistake was to grant them amnesty as it bred more cowards and poorer citizens that have this nation, if not the world to the brink of a nuclear war.

By the way, my family came from Eastern Europe and men were expected to serve in the military, as is in Israel , even my Italian wife during the Cold War. For any eastern European man not to answer the call of duty to God, country and family, one was exiled from the family for good. Just because you seem to be one resisting to do your duty as payment for the unique rights & privileges of being an American citizen says more about your character than anything you have stated so wrong about the hypocrisy that truly is your claim to be an American.


does not bother anyone that it is NATO to enslave and destroy half of the countries .. is this normal, really? Iraq, Iran, etc.
Europe is already a slave to the US..
Guys, please wake up!

Beef Jerky

USA reporting in here, pretty sure we are slaves to NATO. Our government does not work for the people of our country, the common man, and has not worked for us for a very long time.
I think the people of all NATO countries are slaves to the same evil force, and that evil force is NATO. We have sacrificed our children in their corrupt wars for decades, and we are done with it. No more fighting. The opinion of nearly every single person I know is the same – If our corrupt government decides it wants to get involved and send soldiers (i.e. civilians) over there to “fight”, we will not go. We will “dodge the draft”. We will not comply. No more wars. If these evil leaders want to fight a war, they should send their own children over there to die.


This beef jerky character has many characteristics in his posts that identify him as a troll. He is deliberately sowing confusion, a well known objective of Russian misinformation campaigns. He tries to portray NATO as a sovereign country which it is not. NATO is a defensive alliance whose European members are rightly concerned to defend themselves against Russian aggression. Bringing the covid pandemic into the conversation is a favourite of conspiracy theorists but thankfully beef jerky has not yet brought 5G mobile networks into the argument.

Beef Jerky

anon, you are either blindly following a false narrative, or you are in fact the troll. You may call me a troll as much as you want, but in the end, you are the one that wants war, and I am the one that wants peace. Yes, NATO is supposedly a “defensive alliance”… So would you care to describe the number of conflicts NATO has been involved in over the past 4 decades? After describing those conflicts, please provide your narrative for why those conflicts were “necessary” and why it was OK to kill so many people on both sides in those conflicts, and then clearly define for me your idea of a “defensive conflict”? Sure sounds like your idea of a “defensive conflict” involves a bunch of dead people.
Fascinating that you bring up the terms “conspiracy theory” and “5G mobile networks”, I have to ask, are you trying to mimic the narrative of this site called “reddit”? When some politician or leader does or says something that you disagree with, do you scream “this is an attack on DEMOCRACY!!!”??? I am sure you’ve never heard of reddit… Nope, no way. Never. Lmaooooo


There is no apologies … your blabla is useless.


Ladislav OK1UNL

“War is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.”

Carl von Clausewitz


During Stalins “Terror” (1937) millions of people were eliminated (murdered) because they got in the way of Stalin’s desire for absolute power and a “Strong Russia”. Those who were murdered included ordinary people (described as intellectuals) such as teachers and others who dissented. In this way those (and their descendants) who might speak out against the communist dictatorship were removed from society. There is a parallel in Russian/Soviet murder of Polish officers in Katyn in 1940 where 22000 officers were murdered by NKVD. The aim was to eliminate possible dissent against Soviet expansion. It is quite possible that Putin is a descendant of those murderers but certainly the tactic of murder of dissenters is an established part of communist rule. These tactics are still part of the game-plan of the current Russian government. For those interested they might research the Russian/Soviet invasion of Finland (1939) where Russian/Soviet invasion and expansion was halted by the brave resistance of the Finnish Army. Similar lies were peddled at the time in order to justify the invasion. Had Russia suceeded in the invasion there would undoubtedly have been a campaign of mass murder of Finnish citizens in order to eliminate dissenters. Dear readers please excuse this historical comment on our SDR website. However SDR enthusiasts are likely to be educated and thus in a Russo/Soviet world they would be at risk of elimination(murder)

Beef Jerky

And now, in addition to Russia, NATO countries do the exact same thing. Most NATO countries have not resorted to mass violence yet, but if you dissent against the popular world view and belief set that has been chosen by the corporations, the media, the banks, the government, you are cancelled, called a bigot, a hater, a racist, a xenophobe, the list of labels they use against the individual thinkers they wish to silence are limitless. It is only a matter of time before NATO countries do the exact same thing that Stalin did. Some NATO countries are very close, look at New Zealand, if you choose to think as an individual regarding this corona virus (which has mysteriously disappeaered off of the news after 2 years of media hysteria) and act peacefully as an individual, you are questioned, detained, or even “quarantined” in a “quarantine facility” which looks a lot like some camps that Germany created less than 80 years ago!
It is a very crazy world we live in. What is terrifying is the percentage of people who now choose to think the way that the “ministry of truth” tells them to, instead of thinking as an individual. The percentage of people making decisions and formulating opinions using emotions, instead of logic and reasoning, is quite astounding.


It is not true that NATO countries carry out the mass murder campaigns that are a shameful part of Russian history. Russia is to blame for its own troubles. When the communists engaged in their mass murder campaign in the “Terror” they unfortunately removed the best people from their own country. That is why Putin has been able to rise to power. His ancestors murdered anybody who was seen as a potential threat in the future. The dictator Putin has removed Alex Navalny and thrown him into prison because Navalny is able to bring Putins dictatorship into the spotlight. It is no wonder that European countries have NATO to protect them and prevent the Russian expansionism which Ukraine now suffers. Putin thinks he will be remembered as a saviour of Russia but actually he has the same megalomaniac ideas as Stalin.

Beef Jerky

Anon, where have you been for the last 2 decades? Do you know anyone from the middle east? Please re-read my comment and then research the events of the conflicts in the middle east over past decades. Your comments are shamefully misinformed. Fascinating to see someone take sides with one evil world power, and claim righteousness and point at the other evil world power and call them evil.
If you go far enough back in history, let’s say 200-300 years, you will find that literally every “world power” has a history of mass murder campaigns, and that the leaders of these entities are murder-hungry, money-hungry war mongers who always prefer a war (with financial gain) over diplomacy. This is precisely the reason NATO and Russia are in conflict over ukraine. Ignoring the history behind what is going on here is shameful.

A locked up Kiwi

Mate, I just have to jump in here into this ridiculousness. It’s clear that you are deep down the fake news rabbit hole and had to have a hearty laugh at this comment. No one in New Zealand is being detained, questioned or sent to a quarantine camp for speaking about COVID. If you catch it you self isolate at home. And the quarantine facilities for travelers are freakin five star hotels. The only policy that could possibly be contentious is that workers in health, education, emergency services and defense are mandated to be vaccinated which is something the majority support.

Source: I live in Wellington, New Zealand


lmao I am a Kiwi too someone sent me this link to look at beef jerkys comment and I burst out laughing when I read it. We probably have the most gentle and passive police force in the world.


Admin..I don’t know who “beef jerky” is..but comments to explain away the FACT..the limited war on Ukranine civilians was a Russian lie. There is nothing anyone can say to justify cluster and vacume bombing of people and their children in their residences. Russia has history of this behavior..Syrians remember. I am proud to be as ham operator..and proud Win link is trying to assist.

Beef Jerky

Jec, you must not have read my post, my very point was that there is no excuse for any of this, there was always a diplomatic solution, and that was for the war-hungry NATO to not expand into more countries. You know, the same NATO that has been boming women and children in the middle east for decades. The people who lead these countries, who lead NATO, who lead Russia, care nothing for us citizens. They are purely evil. And all this invasion of Ukraine is, is a pissing match between them. NATO promised Russia they wouldn’t expand into ex-USSR countries, and then did just that, knowing what would happen to us civilians. But we should have expected this, given how many civlians both NATO and Russia have killed in modern history. There is a meme floating around regarding Obama, previous president of the USA (and NATO member), “Barrack Obama sets record for number of women and children killed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner”. Except that that is nothing funny about this meme, it is disgusting and sick, because it is true. For us in the USA, Obama set the record for the number of women and children killed in a conflict, even more than the war monger George Bush, and offered no apology for it whatsoever.
All of the leaders of these countries are evil, they care nothing for us, and not one civilian should be fighting for either of them. Soldiers are deceived into believing that they are fighting for their country, but in this modern age, they are not fighting for their country, they are fighting for their leaders, and these leaders could not care less about the civilians nor the soldiers that fight for them.
Russia is evil. Nato is evil. The leaders of Ukraine are evil. All have been proven corrupt and taking sides because they believe one side is “right” is nothing short of ignorant and unintelligent.
Now if only we could help the soldiers of NATO and Russia see this truth.

Beef Jerky

Read up on NATO expansion since the USSR fell, and the history behind it. This entire conflict is NATO vs. Russia, and Ukraine didn’t help things one bit. NATO promised Russia that if Russia withdrew their forces from Eastern Europe, that NATO would not seek to expand into eastern europe. The words of the US secretary of state at the time were literally “Not one inch eastward”. NATO then proceeded to troll Russia for the past 30 years, taking control of 11 of the countries they promised not to touch. Litearlly everyone involved, including the Ukranian government is in the wrong. This situation was absolutely predictable and expected. None of the countries and entities involved give a crap about the safety of their citizens, this is a game of power and control. You shouldn’t take sides by claiming (without evidence) that “Russia is in the wrong” when literally both sides are in the wrong. NATO and Ukraine had a diplomatic way out of this, but they chose antagonise the Russian bullies instead, knowing darn well that it would bring hell down on the Ukranian citizens. Never side with a power hungry government. NATO’s actions in this indicate that they want world war, so let’s hope that does not happen, because that will be bad for every person in every country. The reality is that none of us common citizens have a single bit of control over what will happen.

Eric the Red

“himler” was a “dead” give away. 😉

Glory to Ukraine

I wish some hams would STFU or die, oh diddums did your underused APRS system get DDOS accidently because real men where trying to block up Russians while you cried every time you saw your mothers vagina.

Get a grip, the “hobby” can be put on hold as can all the rules if it helps attack Russia.

Beef Jerky

You seem to be unaware of the fact that there is no outcome in this situation where there is “glory to ukraine”. When this is finished, Ukraine will be occupied by either Russia, or NATO. There is no “lesser of two evils” between these groups, both are war-hungry, power-hungry, kill civilians with impunity, and care nothing for the common man.


Why is Russia so special? Let me develop this a little. So France has nuclear weapons but Germany does not make a fuss about it. Nor does Germany threaten France. Is it because France has no history(recently) of invading neighbouring countries? We should remember that Russia had a history of mass murder of its own citizens and many others being sent to gulags where they would probably die. Why should Russia be entitled to deny the rights of other countries to defend themselves? Does Russia have a history of invading neighbouring countries and instituting police states EG Czechoslovakia? Yes it does. We have not mentioned Russian/Soviet police states established in Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and others. Unfortunately communism everywhere is created by mass murder of dissenters.