Receiving 2.2 GHz with the RTL-SDR and Nooelec Ham It Down

Over on his YouTube channel dereksgc has uploaded a new video where he tests out a new yet to be released downconverter product from NooElec. A downconverter works by shifting high frequencies down into a range that can be received by the RTL-SDR. This makes it useful for receiving 2.2 GHz S-band satellite downlinks which is out of the tuning range of RTL-SDR dongles.

In his video dereksgc shows the new 'Ham-it-down' downconverter, and tests it with an LNA and S-band helix feed and dish. He shows that he is able to easily receive S-band telecommunications satellites without a dish, and with a dish he is able to receive the Coriolis and Chandrayaan-3 satellites.

The ham-it-down is expected to cost US$90 when released. We note that a much lower cost solution might be a commercial 2.2 GHz MMDS downconverter which also comes built in with an LNA and filtering and can be obtained from Aliexpress for less than US$20. Alternatively, the $90 might be better put towards a HackRF clone which is almost the same price and can receive S-band natively without the need for external downconverter.

Receiving 2.2 GHz with the RTL-SDR and Nooelec Ham It Down

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