RFinder P10 – An Android Tablet with a built in Two Way Radio and RTL-SDR

Recently we came across a company called RFinder / AndroidDMR who are a shop selling custom made two way radios and Android Tablets with built in radio hardware. One of their new tablets that is currently in pre-order is being advertised with a built in RTL-SDR. The preorder status notes that they should be shipping within less than a months time.

The "RFinder Android Radio 10 Inch Tablet - 136-174mhz, 400-490mhz DMR/FM - Embedded RTL-SDR" is able to be pre-ordered for $1,499.95 USD + shipping. It is a ruggedized 10 inch Android tablet with a built in two way 4W VHF/UHF DMR/RF radio as well as an additional built in RTL-SDR. In terms of computing hardware, it comes with an Octa-Core 2.3 GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and it supports cellular connectivity.

In their manual they share the following slide showing the built in RTL-SDR running the RF Analyzer Android app.

Various reviews of the RFinder P10 have been showing up on YouTube. Here is one review by Ham Radio 2.0 where the RFinder P10 is demonstrated at the Huntsville Hamfest.

New RFinder P10 Tablet with Dual Band DMR and RTL-SDR Receiver - Huntsville Hamfest

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Hello there, I see some bad comments on these radios and I assume is because you don’t own one of these radios. I own the B1 classic, B1+ (B14) and the P10, As you can see there is not need to say my thinking about these radios, but I say it any way, they are good, I have 2 meters, 440, DMR, cell phone (Dual SIM and Dual SD card) and all android platform at my finger tips, yes it is an old version of android OS, but it gets the job done, you can have the latest Android OS version, but still the same apps. And yes they are not cheap, no for the poor people (Financially and mentally) with all the respect I say this because it is not ease to handle all the features in these radios, there is a hard learning curve, but well we are hams and we like to break things. I also own an IC-7800, IC-R9000, and the IC-970H and these are great radios, but I can’t have them in my car or on me, If you can buy an IC-7800 you can buy one of these radios. 73’s.


@Imao I don’t have any financial interest. If you follow the link, you will see Runbo is not owned by Fujian Baofeng Electronics Co. Your low-quality Reading makes me thank you have a financial interest in their competitors; if you have not tried RFinder product, you can’t speak for their Quality.

Mike N7MSD

Most of these comments ran through my mind since the original RFinder radios besides the fact that the RFinder software itself (long before these radios) just skims open databases & then charges you for the privilege.

Also “best weak signal on a ham radio” made me chuckle: compare it to a Moto, Harris, or other radio meant for the serious stuff.

Bear in mind the dual-band specs are for the transceiver: the RTL-SDR module is just that with full wide-band range but only 8-bits. Yes its an old hardware & unpatched Android tablet with a $20 (or less) Realtek SDR inside. I’m assuming some kind of relay protects its input when transmitting.

There are some hams who seem to have unlimited $ and many are near senile & easy to scam too: I feel like this guy is taking advantage of them. I have talked to him and he mentioned some govt stuff too but this isn’t exactly FirstNet compliant.


Chinese Scam LoL … only for vatniks lol

Larry Laub

Use EchoLink it’s free & safe


The tablet is running an old, unpatched, and vulnerable version of android, just like their other radios with android 8 and no security patches.


So you are buying a cheap tablet with a super cheap SDR with very low capabilities that is connected to the USB port of the tablet. Oh and you get an antenna and a “ruggedized” case. For $1499? I see about $200 of hardware here… max.


i second that.
theyre probably using these cheap baofeng modules, one for VHF and one for UHF

holy shit what kind of mindless cashgrab that is again, you can literally do better by buying an old tablet and buying an actual SDR with the leftover money; making a case and getting it 3d printed professionally at some local company, just like making a USB HID with some buttons isnt that hard or costly either, and you’ll learn something along the way whilst supporting your local companies (and not this cashgrab action from who knows where, there aint even no fucking “contact” or “about us” page lmao)


It’s not Cheap baofeng module it’s made by Runbo https://en.runbo.net/productview.php?id=255 I can’t speak for the RFINDER P10, but I have the RFinder B1 Radio, and it has some of the best weak signal reception compared to any Ham Radio, and you can Transmit 136-174 Mhz 400-490 Mhz range FM DMR as long as your license


Ah, it’s badge engineering. Regardless of who makes it, I’m still not sure where the value is in this…..


Shon, you literally just admitted in your comment that it is a baofeng module, and not a single one of those garbage chinese modules will hold a candle to a decent quality ham radio module. Your low quality english makes me think you have some financial interest in this china-level garbage product. Maybe you should go comment on aliexpress instead of this site.


136-174mhz, 400-490mhz DMR/FM …

No FM .. .no AM … for a portable device ? Band are really too limited for the price !

Useless …


The frequency range indicates that it is using one of these garbage china modules. This product is a joke. I’d recommend to admin that he deletes this post completely, no need to advertise trash like this.