RTL-SDR Blog V3 Dongle and SDR# Spotted on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch TV Show

An RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongle and multipurpose dipole antenna set has been spotted in action on the popular TV Show "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" in Season 3 Episode 7. Skinwalker Ranch is a History channel conspiracy theory reality TV series where a team of scientists and researchers are sent to look for various explanations for "otherworldly" activities supposedly occurring on the ranch. In the past we have also seen an SDRplay RSP software defined radio with SDRuno software featured in a previous episode.

In this episode the team are drilling into a mysterious mesa rock formation on the ranch, and are monitoring the RF spectrum with an RTL-SDR during the drill. They take note of a mysterious signal at 1.6 GHz that appears during the drilling.

Screenshots from "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 3 Ep 7
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Your right it’s actually military satellite signal some dude on tictok and youtube also talks about it its called museum of terrot this dude blows it out the water on how smart he his but they had this signal since the 90s

Leon Hassein

who the fuck cares ? american tv sucks!

MC Nasty

This show is a complete load of crap.


Exactly. They produce garbage for viewers who love to consume garbage.

Garbage Monster

Bring on the garbage! I love it!!!

John Hagensieker

1.6 GHz range is satellite stuff. I saw one scene where the freq was 16.7 GHz. I have heard them say nothing transmits at 1.6 GHz which is incorrect.


It’s been about 3 weeks but Scott Manley had a good intro to ADS-B that might be worth linking to!


kenny coble

i spy on random automobiles TPMS sensors with my rtlsdr v3

Al Hearn

I have done that. I can tell when leave their house and when they get back (tire pressure is higher when they come back)

Garbage Monster

Bring on the garbage! I love it!