SDRPlay SDRUno Spotted on the Skinwalker Ranch History Channel TV Series

Skinwalker Ranch is a History channel conspiracy theory reality TV series where a team of scientists and researchers are sent to look for various explanations for "otherworldly" activities supposedly occurring on the ranch. In some episodes the team have made use of an SDRplay RSP software defined radio with SDRuno software to monitor the radio spectrum.

In the series the team are constantly surprised to see unexplained activity occurring on the spectrum. Are these signals just RF noise or man made activity? Or something else? You can decide from the RSP SDRUno waterfall and spectrum display which is shown clearly in the clips below. In the first clip they discover wideband spectrum noise on HF frequencies. In the second clip (from 2:40 onwards) they discover a suddenly active signal at 832 MHz when attempting to setup their drone which experiences calibration issues.

SkinwalkerRanch& SDR

Mystery Of Utah's Skinwalker Ranch Very Much Alive

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Same episode also used SDR# in the 1600 MHz band

Dave Porter

Reminds me of certain “Ghost Hunter” videos on You Tube where they appear to use digital radios that will scan without locking in any station for more than a second. Think I called it right when I said it sounds like an (intentionally) busted radio!

Ryan R.

While observing the first video we see a guy overreacting to a zoomed out, amplified view of an uneventful frequency range. The noise floor was elevated as a result of the receiver’s RX power being increased.

On the second video we see a similar frequency spectrum only the software’s DSP range was increased which resulted in the signal appearing red and for most viewers, highly active and plausible. I think they were tuned to the 810 – 860mhz trunking band so we wouldn’t see a GSM signal appear on 862MHz and above.

They could produce those results externally with a radio jammer which “may” explain the drone being unable to lock onto it’s remote. Although highly illegal, in a remote ranch in the middle of nowhere the use of a RF jammer in remote private property may be allowed or they received clearance to do so.

Either way, it’s absolutely BS and can be manipulated to produce whatever results they desire.

Richard Cranium

Um it’s Hollywood…smoke & mirrors, mind games, man behind the curtain, etc. ….what you see / hear is what they want you too. Sort of like the current US Presidency …….


This show is such a load of crap.