Mike’s SDRuno Tutorial Series

Mike Ladd, one of the top volunteer contributors of the SDRplay community was recently hired by SDRplay officially and has now been working on a fairly comprehensive SDRuno tutorial series over on the SDRplay YouTube channel. SDRuno is the official software for the SDRplay line of SDRs and is a slightly modified version of the ‘Studio1’ software which was previously acquired by SDRplay. SDRuno also supports the RTL-SDR.

SDRuno is a complex piece of software with many features and settings, so it’s great to see a comprehensive video tutorial like this. Mike’s tutorial series currently has 10 episodes, and discusses things like the basic layout and settings of SDRuno, using Virtual Audio Cable (VAC), noise reduction, memories, calibration, DSD, notch filters and FM broadcast with RDS. More videos are probably still on the way.

SDRuno Basic layout and settings - obsolete (MV001)

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1st Is there a fix that you know of to correct SDRUNO changing the frequency once it connects t the radio? ie
I was on 40m last night, today I joined a net on 80m. During the net I decide to run SDRUNO hen it connects bye bye net an hello 40m again.2nd the rsp2pro covers a large range of frequencies continously but bant seem to get SDRUNO to go uch pasdt the edge of Region1 Ham bands. I have to turn SDRUNO off to be able to dial my FT-DX3000 down to 60m 5.33 mhz. What am I missing?


Looks like a very impressive SDR dashboard.