RTL-SDR Waterfall on a C.H.I.P

The C.H.I.P is a $9 USD single board computer which is similar to a Raspberry Pi. It is powerful enough to run the RTL-SDR, and in fact the Outernet project use the C.H.I.P together with our V3 dongles in their DIY kit to receive, decode and serve their free L-band satellite data service.

Over on the C.H.I.P forums a user ‘Basketball’ has also submitted a photo showing his C.H.I.P with LCD screen running a Python based waterfall display with his RTL-SDR. His C.H.I.P system has been modified to be portable with a 3D printed case, 10000 mAh battery and 4.3″ LCD screen. Others on the forum have also noted that they have had FreqShow successfully running on their Pocket C.H.I.Ps as well.

So if you’re looking for a low cost computing platform to run your RTL-SDR the C.H.I.P may be a good choice. 

Thanks to Mike Ladd for the submitting the forum post to us.

C.H.I.P Running a Waterfall Display
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Here is a tutorial I made showing how to implement freqshow.py on a pocketchip: