Running RTL-SDR Android Apps on an Android TV Box

Thank you to Giuseppe (IT9YBG) who just wanted to write in and note that Android TV boxes are an excellent computing platform for RTL-SDR dongles. They allow you to monitor frequencies or listen to DAB music directly from a TV, and at the same time there is no need to worry about battery consumption.

Giuseppe notes that using an Android TV box for SDR is as simple as installing the Martin Marinov Android RTL-SDR drivers from the Google Play store, and then downloading the SDR apps that interest you. No extra USB OTG cable is required, just plug the dongle into the back of the device. In his post he shows screenshots from apps like SDRTouch, DAB+, RTL-SDR AIS and SDRoid all running smoothly on his Android TV box.

With a system like this is it probably also a good idea to connect a wireless keyboard/mouse combination into a USB port as well.

RTL-SDR V3 running on an Android TV Box
RTL-SDR V3 running on an Android TV Box


  1. max

    Hello! I made SDR server on my android TV BOX. WOrks great! (by ethernet!). I am connecting to RTL SDR v3 dongle via network from my windows pc running sdr sharp!

    Could you say, how can i automate server starting? Because every time i disconnect sdr sharp (on my pc), i should turn connect display to android box and click START STREAM button. It would be great if it possible to make sdr server independent with no need to start ir every time.

  2. Rob

    I want to get a box running the skywave Linux distro. Boxes are usually 5v and Wifi so perfect for remote sites.
    Android is very limited software wise.

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