Saveitforparts: Receiving Images from the new Russian Satellite Meteor M2-3

A few days ago we posted about the successful launch and deployment of the latest Russian Meteor M2-3 weather satellite. The satellite is currently actively transmitting LRPT weather images.

Over on his YouTube channel, "saveitforparts" has uploaded a video showing how he received images from the new satellite using his RTL-SDR. His method involves first recording the signal pass on a Raspberry Pi with rtl_fm, and then passing that wav file into SatDump for decoding and image generation.

We note that it is also possible to directly live decode the pass using SatDump, however a Raspberry Pi may be a little too slow to run the GUI version of SatDump. Instead you could use rtl_tcp on the Pi and run SatDump on a networked PC, or simply run the RTL-SDR and SatDump on the PC or a more powerful device like an Orange Pi 5.

Ultimately he experiences some unresolved problems with the decoding process, but is able to end up with a decent image.

Grabbing Images From New Russian Satellite (Meteor M2-3)

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I want to do this as well. What do I need for an antenna? I assume something with a hemispheric pattern like a turnstyle. Anyone got a nice design?

I just set up a small PC to act as an RTL_SDR TCP server. I’ve got three radios in there right now. One for 2m, one for 70cm, and one for 1090. All the antennas are high gain, so they have very little sensitivity away from the horizon. So, I can’t use what I already have, but there’s *one* more USB port, so I could add another receiver, but it would be the last one.

The “PC” is an HP Chromebox G1 that’s been dechromed and is now running Debian. Works great! But the ASUS CN62s are just as cheap and nicer–no propriatary HP power cords, etc.


Nope, the antenna that works very well is a simple V-dipole, it’s better than a normal dipole only because the horizontal polirazition reduces interference


Interesting, okay, I’ll lash one up and see what I get. Of course that means going into my attic in summer–which is not fun.