SDR Sharp Slicer Now Supports RTL-SDR and other SDRs

Youssef, Author of the SDR# software has recently updated SDR#, now extending the Sharp Slicer functionality which we posted about earlier to RTL-SDR and other supported software defined radios. The latest version of SDR# can be obtained from the Airspy Downloads page as usual.

This feature allows SDR users to open multiple instances of SDR#, each able to tune to a seperate signal within the currently tuned frequency range of the SDR. This is somewhat similar to the old multi-VFO plugin from, however the advantage of Slicer is that you can have seperate spectrum and waterfall graphs for each signal.

Other recent changes include 'true dBFS' automatic scaling, where 0 dBFS now indicates that the ADC is likely saturated.

SDR# Sharp Slicer Monitoring 5 Broadcast FM Stations Simultaneously.


  1. Figure

    Good news! Even in this form it adds a lot for separating audio. I don’t see any use of “panning” as a slide, though, – just a ticker would be enough. The dream is to support of at least 4 channels (everyone has a 5.1 audio card, I guess).

    • RF Guy

      Rev 1760 :
      Added Peak Hold in the spectrum display. This can be enabled/disabled/reset using a right click on the spectrum.

      i have been waiting so long for this feature ! thank you ! very useful for exploring, new unknow frequencys with rare use….

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