Sniffing ANT-FS with an RTL-SDR and MMDS Downconverter in Pothos

ANT-FS is a wireless file transfer protocol that is designed specifically for transferring files wireless between two devices. It is designed for ultra low power devices and typically runs on devices operated by a coin sized battery. It is commonly used in applications like fitness tracker devices, which store data to later be downloaded to a PC.

Over on YouTube user sghctoma has uploaded a video showing a teaser of him receiving and decoding ANT-FS packets with blocks developed for the POTHOS graphical language. As ANT-FS is usually transmitted at 2.4 GHz, he had to use a MMDS downconverter which allowed his RTL-SDR to receive the packets. Sghctoma writes that the video is simply a teaser, and that a live demo with real deivce, and the full code + details will be released during his talk at DEFCON titled “Help, I’ve got ANTs!!!”.

ANT-FS sniffing with RTL-SDR, an MMDS downconverter and Pothosware

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