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AFEDRI LAN-IQ: Standalone 12-bit 30 kHz to 1.7 GHz SDR with LCD Screen for $339

AFEDRI have recently begun shipping their new software defined radio called the "LAN-IQ". The LAN-IQ is a full standalone SDR with good advertised specifications and a very decent price of only US$339. The advertised specs from the Afedri LAN-IQ website are pasted below:

  • 30 kHz to 1700.00MHz continuous frequency range
  • Direct sampling
  • DDC - Digital Down-Conversion
  • 12- bit 76.8 MSPS A/D conversion
  • Stand Alone mode (AM, CW, SSB, NFM, WFM stereo, BPSK, QPSK demodulators)
  • Up to 2.2MHz recording and processing bandwidth
  • Waterfall display functions, when used with appropriate software
  • Recording and playback, when used with appropriate software
  • Sensitivity -  MDS -136 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (0.03MHz-35MHz)
  • Sensitivity -  MDS -143.5 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (50MHz-435Mhz)
  • USB 2.0 (Full Speed) interface
  • LAN interface for remote access
  • Compatible with: Linrad, Winrad, HDSDR, Studio1,  SDR Console (SDR-radio), CuteSDR, SdrDX, Quisk, PowerSDR_mrx
  • Powered from USB or external power supply 7-10VDC
  • Dimensions 120mm deep x 78mm wide x 27mm high
  • Unit cost - $339
The Afredi LAN-IQ SDR
The Afredi LAN-IQ SDR

They go on to elaborate on the specs:

LAN-IQ SDR is stand-alone, direct sampling Software Defined Receiver (see picture above)  it has ability to send it's received I/Q stream in three different modes:

  • Stand-Alone (Digital processing, filtering , decoding is implemented inside SDR)
  • Network (LAN)
  • USB

LAN-IQ SDR has the following specification:

  • Frequency Coverage: 0.03MHz-35MHz & 35MHz-1700MHz
  • Noise Figure: ~11dB (for 1MHz-35Mhz range and maximum RF gain 35dB)*
    *input VGA (Variable Gain Amplifier) has variable Gain from -10dB up to +35dB
  • Noise Figure: ~3.5dB (for 50MHz-435Mhz range and maximum LNA/MIX gain )
  • MDS: -136 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (0.03MHz-35MHz)
  • MDS: -143.5 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth (50MHz-435Mhz)

Output data format: two 16-bit I/Q channels (audio stereo stream emulation)

Maximum Receiving Bandwidth:

  • BW = up to 2200kHz (for 2400kHz sample rate) -  using Network connection
  • BW = up to 706kHz (for 768kHz sample rate) -  instand-alone mode
  • BW = up to 230kHz (for 250k samples/s sample rate) -  using USB connection

RF ADC sampling rate: 76.800 MHz

Power Supply Voltage Requirements:

  • 5V (supplied from the PC's USB bus or from external) or  from external power supply able to provide 5VDC +/-0.2V).
  • 7.0-10V DC to the DC power connector.

Power Supply Current Requirements:

  • up to 850mA (max. LCD brightness, network cable connected, VHF/SHF band)

The LAN-IQ SDR is designed to be used in stand-alone mode , i.e. without need to use  any additional computer and software.

In same time the SDR can be connected and used with  Personal Computer (PC) by two interfaces:

1. Ethernet Network connection.

This can now provide up to 2400 kHz sample rate

2. Full Speed USB

From PC point of view, the SDR-Net can be used alternatively as:

1. Network device using two IP protocols: TCP and UDP.

  • TCP protocol is used to control the SDR parameters.
  • UDP protocol is used to send received I/Q stream from SDR to PC

2. Or exactly like the  AFEDRI SDR-Net -USB Composite Device, that contains two USB functions:

From the Afedri Groups.io forum we've learned that by default the unit will come without the tuning knob, but a knob can be requested if preferred, although it comes with some limitations.

Ordering of the LAN-IQ is done via email only, and the email address can be obtained at the end of their ordering page. They accept PayPal, and shipping costs anywhere from $18 - $32 depending on the country. Also regarding shipping they note that deliveries may be delayed due to COVID-19 which is of course the case for every global delivery right now.

From the SWLing Post blog post we've also learned of a short demonstration video created by Fenu-Radio which is shown below. We are also awaiting his full review which will be posted on fenu-radio.ch.

Afedri LAN-IQ in Action

In a second video Fenu-Radio compares the LAN-IQ against the Malahit-DSP which is another similar low cost standalone SDR which we posted about back in November 2019.

Malahit-DSP & Afedri LAN-IQ "Head to Head"

More videos of the LAN-IQ in action can be found on the Afredi-SDR YouTube channel.