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SignalsEverywhere: Setting up a Broadcastify Feed with SDRTrunk

In her last video Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel showed us how to set up SDRTrunk for reception of digital P25 Police and other services with two RTL-SDR dongles. On this weeks episode Sarah shows us how to set up Broadcastify with SDRTrunk. Broadcastify is a an online service that allows you to stream audio from your SDR or scanner radio to their website for anyone to listen to. We note that sharing audio or some talkgroups may not be legal in all countries so please do your research first.

In the video Sarah shows the full setup process involving setting up a Broadcastify account, creating an alias list, adding talkgroups to share and finally setting up the Icecast server for streaming to the Broadcastify servers.

SDRTrunk Broadcastify Feed Tutorial