SignalsEverywhere: SDRTrunk P25 Police Scanner Tutorial with two RTL-SDRs

Over on YouTube Sarah from SignalsEverywhere has uploaded a new tutorial video showing how to use two RTL-SDR dongles with the free SDRTrunk software to create a P25 Police scanner.

In the video she first shows how to install SDRTrunk in Windows and Linux, then how to install the JMBE codec required for decoding audio. She goes on to show how to import trunked system network data from a (paid) RadioReference subscription, how to blacklist unwanted talkgroups, and how to optimize operation with two RTL-SDR tuners. Finally she also shows how to set up the system manually if you don't have a RadioReference subscription.

SDRTrunk The FREE P25 Police Scanner! Windows and Linux Tutorial

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above video is private.

Houman Zarkesh

The voice of P25 dsdplus is like robot and I ca not understand the voice, please help

Mike F

Does anyone know what it means when you get the “SYNC LOSS” message in the “Message” box on the “Messages” tab?


They are the same person…..
Same good info, that’s all that matters.


Who is Sarrah? Where is corrosive?


Why is Gamora?


Please add me.