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Hak5: Autonomous Boats, Hacker Printers And RTL-SDR Plugins

This week on the popular YouTube show Hak5, SDRSharp plugins are discussed once more amongst other topics. This time at around the 17 minute mark, Shannon discusses how to install plugins that do not have automated installers. For an example she shows how to install the Level Meter plugin.

Autonomous Boats, Hacker Printers And RTL-SDR Plugins, Hak5 1623

Hak5: Using a Solar Powered Embedded Device with an RTL-SDR to Track Aircraft Remotely

Over on YouTube Hak5, a popular electronics enthusiast channel has uploaded a video showing their project which involves creating a remote solar powered ADS-B receiver with the RTL-SDR. They used a WiFi Pineapple which is a mini Linux based embedded computer as a remote PC and sealed it in a weather tight briefcase with a lead acid battery and solar panel. They also used a high gain directional WiFi antenna on both the transmitting and receiving ends. With this setup the WiFi Pineapple is capable of running indefinitely transmitting ADS-B data using just the solar panel and battery.

They took their setup to the top of a hill near to their office and pointed the transmitting WiFi antenna towards their offices. Then back in the comfort of their offices they were able to remotely connect to the WiFi Pineapple and start a dump1090 webserver and connect to it using Virtual Radar Server.

Solar WiFi Pineapple Briefcase, Aircraft Tracking with High Gain Point-to-Point, Hak5 1614

Hak5: Improvements to the ADS-B Antenna Drone

Previously we posted about the Hak5 teams attempt to create an ADS-B quadcopter receiver which carried a coax collinear antenna, ran the ADS-B decoder dump1090 on board and then transmitted the decoded ADS-B data back to a laptop on the ground via WiFi. Their results were poor due to various factors.

In the latest video they read comments from fans which explain why they had such poor results, then apply some of those recommendations to a second experiment. Previously they had trouble keeping the WiFi connection alive due to poor reception, so now they use a WiFi Yagi to boost the signal strength. They also reduced the number of elements on their coax collinear antenna and moved away from the broadcast RF transmitter that they were near in their last video.

There isn’t a big increase in the number of planes picked up in the second experiment but it was much more successful compared to the first.

A Better Aircraft Seeking Drone Antenna, Hak5 1613

Hak5: Identify and Locate Ships Via AIS Transmissions

Hak5, a popular YouTube technology show has recently been dedicating a bunch of episodes to RTL-SDR projects. Recently we posted about their efforts with ADS-B, and some GNU Radio tutorials. Their most recent video discusses AIS (Automatic Identification System) which is a system similar to ADS-B which ships use to transmit their location to create a modern GPS based radar system.

The Hak5 video discusses how AIS works and also shows how to use an RTL-SDR to receive it. In their tutorial they use SDR#, VBCable and ShipPlotter to receive and view AIS data on map. Note that we also have an AIS tutorial here.

Identify And Locate Ships Via AIS Transmissions!, Hak5 1610