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Sniffing MiniMed Insulin Pump RF Packets with an RTL-SDR

A MiniMed Insulin Pump with wireless meter

Over on GitHub we've just seen the release of a program called rtlmm made by user ps2 which decodes MiniMed RF packets with an RTL-SDR. We weren't entirely such what MiniMed was, but from Googling the name it appears that it is a product by a company called Medtronic who sell medical equipment such as portable automatic insulin pumps and glucose monitors for diabetic patients. These products have RF telemetry links that transmit to a meter which can receives data and forwards it to your phone via Bluetooth LE. Sniffing the telemetry from these sensors could allow you to build up your own data without the need of the meter.

Rtlmm was inspired by a similar program called rtlomni which is a program released a few months ago and made by F5OEO. rtlomni works with Omnipod diabetes insulin pumps and monitors which are similar products to MiniMeds offerings.