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Tech Minds: Testing Meshtastic Compatible Lilygo LoRa Devices

In the latest video on the Tech Minds YouTube channel Matt tests out the Meshtastic software running on varius Lilygo LoRa devices. Meshtastic is software that can run on cheap LoRa hardware that enables off-grid mesh network based communications.

Being mesh network based means that there are no central repeaters, and instead each device can extend the range of the network by being a repeater itself. Meshtastic can run on various cheap 'Lilygo' branded LoRa devices that come in 433, 868 or 915 MHz license free frequencies depending on your regional band plan.

In his video Matt tests out various models in the Lilygo range, including a ESP32 based wrist watch and he also shows how to install the firmware on each using the online flasher.

Meshtastic Compatible Lilygo Lora Devices

TechMinds: Testing Off-Grid LoRa Radio Mesh Text Messaging with Meshtastic

Low cost ESP32 based LoRa capable boards have been available from marketplaces like Aliexpress for some time now. They typically include features such as LoRa, WiFi or Bluetooth and GPS all on a PCB board with small screen and battery holder for mobile use. LoRa is a modern IoT communications protocol that is designed to be operated with low power, and in a networked mesh-way for extended range. One application of this hardware is to use it as a mesh based text messaging system, using the Meshtastic firmware. This might be useful for teams of hikers, pilots, or skiiers who operate in remote areas without cell phone reception.

In his latest video Matthew from the Tech Minds YouTube channel shows how to install and use the Meshtastic firmware on a TTGO board. He uses the alpha firmware which has a web app, allowing users to send text messages through a web based GUI that users can connect to locally via WiFi.

OFF-GRID LORA Radio Mesh Text Messaging - Meshtastic