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TechMinds: Building a Handheld MILSAT SATCOM Antenna with 3D Printed Parts and Tape Measures

In his latest video Matt from the TechMinds YouTube channel shows us how to build a home made turnstile antenna for receiving the MILSAT SATCOM satellites where radio pirates from Brazil and other countries can often be heard.

The build involves 3D printed parts, metal measuring tape for the elements, some aluminum tubes and a coax phasing harness. After testing the VSWR with a meter, Matt tests the antenna with a handheld and finds it to be working well. He also later tests it with his SDRplay RSPdx and finds that the Turnstile outperforms his roof mounted vertical.

How To Build A MILSAT SATCOM Turnstile Antenna

Listening to Brazilian Fleetsatcom Pirates with an RTL-SDR

Previously we posted about how it was possible to listen in on Mexican (or Brazilian?) military satellite radio pirates’ SSTV communications using an RTL-SDR. Now over on YouTube user legion elmelenas has uploaded a video showing some more Brazilian pirates using these military Fleetsatcom satellites for voice and data communications. To receive these signals he used a turnstile antenna.