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SDRSharper: A modified version of SDR#

What appears to be a third party reskinned version of SDR# has been released on the *removed* Facebook discussion page. The modified software is called “sdr sharper” and changes the look and feel of SDR#. The software also includes several plugins ready to go including a scope, audio notch filters, audio equalizer, audio waterfall and s-meter. The sdr sharper software call be downloaded from the file *removed* over at *removed*.

Important Note: We are currently unsure of the legality of this software as it seems to be based on the licensed SDR# code base. If it turns out to be illegal software we will remove all download links.

Update 28/01/2015: As suspected SDRSharper is illegal and infringes on SDR#’s licensed code and trademark as pointed out by Youssef, the author of SDR# in the comments section of this post. In response we have removed the direct download link. Please respect the SDR# licence and Youssef’s hard work by not using illegal copies.

The majority of added features can be added to the original SDR# with the plugins listed on this page.

Reskinned SDR#: SDRSharper
Reskinned SDR#: SDRSharper