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rtl_udp: Fork of rtl_fm with UDP controls

Over on our forums, user sysrun has posted about his fork of the rtl_fm command line tool. His fork allows retuning of the rtl_fm program via UDP without the need to restart the program. In the future he hopes to support UDP PCM streaming. He writes

rtl_udp is a copy of rtl_fm with a special feature: It opens a udp control port (currently fixed to 6020) which takes commands like changing the frequency or mode. No need to restart :)

Credits, Idea & original Code by olgierd (http://qi.reddit.com/user/olgierd)

python script udpclient.py for easy operation included.

possible commands:

  • freq (./udpclient.py freq 101900000)
  • mode (./udpclient.py mode 0 (for fm))
    0 = FM
    1 = AM
    2 = USB
    3 = LSB
  • squelch (./udpclient.py squelch 0)
    0 = OFF
    n = Value
  • gain (./udpclient.py agc auto)
    auto = Automatic
    n = Gainvalue; 195 = 19.5db
  • agc (./udpclient.py agc 1)
    0 = OFF
    1 = ON