TechMinds: Testing the RadioBerry an HF SDR Transceiver Raspberry Pi Hat

The RadioBerry is a HF transceiver board designed to be used as an add on 'hat' for the  Raspberry Pi. It uses the same AD9866 chip as the Hermes Lite 2 SDR which gives it a 12-bit ADC with one RX and one TX channel, a maximum bandwidth of up to 384 kHz, and an operating frequency range of 0 to 30 MHz. 

In the video TechMinds shows how to connect and setup the Radioberry software on the Pi and how to stream from the Pi to SDR-Console V3 on a PC. He goes on to demonstrate the Radioberry receiving HF signals, noting that the performance is good, although he uses an Ethernet connection and Pi 4 for best performance.

TechMinds notes that he will test the transmit functionality in a future video, once he receives a preamp designed to be used with the Radioberry.



    • Alexandra R Crawford

      Likewise, within 4 hours of TM YouTube publication about Radioberry. I should think the designer as per the amateur radio monika printed on the circuit boards will have some comment on viability and future sales via Aliexpress and Banggood if some appreciation of the numbers of interested parties were collected somewhere?
      Add me to this list, thank you.

  1. Lyman H. Wolfla II

    My order for two of these boards in July has been canceled by AliExpress. I have not idea why, but find other suppliers selling the board for $200, not near the price of $89. K9LZJ

  2. Steve

    We need to support this project and tell out friends about it. The potential for a VERY capable complete HF transceiver is here for VERY little money.

  3. Ron N6YWU

    Delivery from Aliexpress took over 3 weeks. For those in a hurry in the U.S., Radioberry boards are currently available next day from Amazon, but for a much higher price. Rx performance looks to be the same as my Hermes Lite 2, e.g. very good.

  4. Ladislav OK1UNL

    This one Radioberry board possible buy on aliexpress for reasonable price 88 USD. Very good 12bit SDR RX/TX.
    VY 73! Ladislav OK1UNL

  5. Jack

    Its tech like this that keeps me thinking amateur radio is still here to stay….literally an HF shoe phone if you wanted to!

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