Tutorial on Combining and Rebroadcasting ADS-B Feeds with ModeSMixer2

Last week we posted about how the author of the SonicGoose.com blog had written a tutorial on the use of ModeSDeco2 for decoding ADS-B with an RTL-SDR. Now the same author has continued his tutorial by writing how to use the ModeSMixer2 software to combine multiple ADS-B datastreams into a single stream. This is useful for example if you have several RTL-SDR’s at different locations receiving ADS-B data. ModeSMixer2 can also combine data even if you are using different ADS-B decoding software such as dump1090, RTL1090 or ADSB#.

The author’s tutorial goes over setting up ModeSDeco2 to broadcast data over the network, setting up ModeSMixer2 to receive data, and also setting up the basestation.sqb file to add airline logos and silhouettes to the web based GUI of ModeSMixer2.

Screenshot of the ModeSMixer2 web based GUI.
Screenshot of the ModeSMixer2 web based GUI.
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