USA-Satcom XRIT Decoder Updated

USA-Satcom is the programmer of XRIT Decoder (not to be confused with XRITDecoder by CM2ESP), which is a popular (paid) Windows decoding application for GOES weather satellites. Recently, over on the SDRplay forums RSP2user made a note about the latest update:

USA-Satcom has just released v2.1.0.0 of the XRIT Decoder. Along with enhancements for the XRIT Decoder, a new RSP Streamer X has been released and is operable with the RSP1A, RSP2, and RSPduo - new features include operation with two streams simultaneously (provided that the PC being used has sufficient processing power and an RSPduo or more than one compatible RSP are being used). Also new is the XRIT File manager which allows for improved operation with both LRIT and HRIT files, improved LUT for excellent false color images, user-selectable automated black filling of the white background on full disk visual and false color HRIT images, and country as well as state map overlays.

The new color enhancements are excellent:

GOES 16 Full Disk Weather Satellite Image. Received by RSP2user with V2.1.0.0 of XRIT Decoder.
GOES 16 Full Disk Weather Satellite Image. Received by RSP2user with V2.1.0.0 of XRIT Decoder.

If you are interested in receiving and decoding GOES images, we now have several previous blog posts on this topic which may be helpful.

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Christopher Swanson

trango’s request site is currently broken. It tries to load a resource and receives: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Access Forbidden). You may see this in the Java Console if you use Chrome.

If anybody knows trango, can you let him or her know the site – a word press site – needs to be updated?

I too want to buy the software.


Website is not fully working to send Message ,you never get any reply !
And either when it works, they play the rude “masters” with people …
Hope to see opensource Xrit decoder then paying to non educated people like them !


Hi, How is possible to download the USA-Satcom softwares ? I’m not able to find them.


Thanks, I placed my request on the link above and I’m waiting for the reply.