Using a HackRF for GPS Spoofing on Windows

Over on the TechMinds YouTube channel a new video titled "GPS Spoofing With The HackRF On Windows" has been uploaded. In the video TechMinds uses the GPS-SDR-SIM software with his HackRF to create a fake GPS signal in order to trick his Android phone into believing that it is in Kansas city.

In the past we've seen GPS Spoofing used in various experiments by security researchers. For example, it has been used to make a Tesla 3 running on autopilot run off the road and to cheat at Pokemon Go. GPS spoofing has also been used widely by Russia in order to protect VIPs and facilities from drones.

GPS Spoofing With The HackRF On Windows

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is there a time signal in the data, that the hackRF is transmitting while spoofing?
i mean some application are using that gps time signal for sync its clock.


I imagine there must be timing info, as GPS receivers measure the timing difference between each satellite to determine distance.

So, not only will your location be spoofed, but so could/would the clock.


so, because you have to prepare the BIN file “offline” and send it with HackRF, you always will notice a big time difference between the local clock and the received gps date while this kind of gps spoofing.
so not a method for real time gps spoofing…