Using the Dyalog APL Programming Language with RTL-SDRs

APL is an old but very concise array oriented programming language that uses mostly special characters to represent functions and operators. Dyalog APL is a modern implementation of APL, and is designed to make it easy to analyse and process large amount of data.

Over on YouTube there has recently been a talk uploaded from the Dyalog17 conference where Moris Zucca talks about using RTL-SDRs with Dyalog APL. In the talk he shows how he processes the RF data in the APL language leading to a reverse engineered garage door opener. The talk slides can be found here and the blurb reads:

Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system in which components such as amplifiers and modulators are implemented using software instead of the traditional hardware. In the last decade, technological advances by RealTek Labs (RTL) have made SDR viable for hobbyists. Moris Zucca (SimCorp Italiana) is one of the hobbyists who has taken up the RTL-SDR challenge; he explains how he has connected the Dyalog interpreter to various devices and converted the radio signals using APL. A little bit of reverse engineering means that he now possesses possibly the only remote control for a garage door that can be activated using APL!

Exploring the RF spectrum with Dyalog APL - Moris Zucca - Dyalog '17

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