Weatherproofing the RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Antenna

Thank you to YouTube user "ModernHam" for submitting his video that shows one way to weatherproof our 'RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Antenna'. This is the antenna we include as part of our RTL-SDR kit, and it is an excellent beginners antenna. Dipole antennas typically receive better than mag-whips, are easier to mount on windows, and can receive 137 MHz weather satellites too.

However, due to their portable telescopic collapsible design, our antennas are not designed for permanent outdoor use as dirt and grime can gum up the collapsing mechanism. In his video ModernHam decided to waterproof the dipole for permanent outdoor mounting. To do this he modified the plastic base by cutting it down, and then places the dipole inside a PVC pipe with some bubblewrap used to hold it in place. This keeps the elements out, and looks pretty good mounted up high too.

Weatherproofing a RTL-SDR Stock Dipole Antenna

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If i want it permanently mounted on my window, what about filling all the holes with hot glue or putting duct tape all over the base. Which alternative is better?


You gain a fixed antenna and loose an adjustable one. It looks easier to keep the adjustable antenna and cut at size two pcs of 8mm aluminum tube or even a thick wire inserted in the pvc tube.
Also, i am not sure if the coax cable very closed to the bottom element can give any problem, i use a horizontal arm to keep the coax horizontal for about 20cm.