Tom’s Radio Room Tests and Reviews the RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Kit

Over on his YouTube channel Tom Stiles (hamrad88) has been experimenting with and reviewing our multipurpose dipole kit. Tom is a ham radio YouTuber who runs a show that produces content often, so we encourage you to subcribe to his channel if you're interested. Tom reviewed our dipole kit over a series of 5 videos which we link here [1: Discussing the product], [2: Unboxing], [3: First ADS-B Tests], [4: Second ADS-B Tests], [5: Third ADS-B Tests]. We post have embedded video 2 and 5 below.

In his testing Tom finds that using the antenna in the vertical orientation improves ADS-B performance. This is expected as ADS-B signals are vertically polarized, and so the antenna should be too. By using the included suction cup mount Tom is able to get the antenna attached to his window which improves reception by getting the antenna as close to the outdoors as possible. This is an expected use case for the antenna, and it's good to see that good results are being had!

If you're interested in the set please see our store at, or use the links provided in Tom's videos. We also have a tutorial and use case demonstrations for our dipole kit available at

TRRS #1384 - RTL-SDR.COM Portable Antenna - Parts

TRRS #1388 - RTL-SDR.COM Antenna Testing Pt 3

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A dipole has about the same performance of a ground plane antenna or a j-pole (that vary with the height); it’s not to be considered a poor antenna or a makeshift solution. This kit is an excellent value for everyone using in out of the windows or in the balcony to receive VHF-UHF. Just make sure to keep it vertical, adjust each element to 1/4 wave and keep its cable horizontal for the first 30-40 cm A different positioning may be needed for optimal performance when receiving satellites, planes and SSB transmissions in the VHF-UHF ham radio bands.