A Few More Demonstrations of the SDR# FM and AM Co-Channel Cancellers

Over on YouTube a few more videos showing the new AM and FM co-channel cancelling algorithms available in recent versions of SDR# have been uploaded. In the first video YouTuber channel "Peter .DXChannel" shows an example of broadcast FM Sporadic E signals (temporary long range reception due to Tropospheric ducting) being recovered with the FM co-channel canceller.

A demonstration of the SDRsharp FM Co Channel Canceller with Es signals

In the second video "icholakov" shows the AM co-channel canceller recovering a weaker signal being broadcast directly on top of a stronger one (zero carrier offset).

SDR Sharp Co-channel interference AM canceller. Several tests using Airspy HF+ Discovery

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Peter Wilson

Note the link to my youtube channel is:
(It is under my former username)


Peter Wilson

Please note Sporadic-E is not Tropospheric ducting as you state. Sporadic-E occurs due to refraction by ionisation in the E-layer of the ionosphere. Thanks for posting my video on here. I have others on my YouTube channel

Sean Gilbert

I was about to say the same thing, Peter. This co-channel plugin could be a game-changer for DXers, allowing them to uncover stations that they may never usually be able to hear due to strong locals. With constantly changing Es refractions & reflections, who knows what lurks underneath the main signals?
73, Sean

Peter Wilson

Indeed Sean, I found another Polish Station lurking behind FM Plus Lublin while re-visiting a 2019 Es IQ file with FM Co-Channel Canceller.