Airspy HF+ Real World Performance Examples by the Author of GQRX up on YouTube & Twitter

Alexander Csete (OZ9AEC) is the programmer behind the popular GQRX software. Recently Alexander has received a review sample of the upcoming Airspy HF+ and has been uploading videos showing it in action to his YouTube channel.

The Airspy HF+ is a soon to be released low cost (expected price $149 USD) yet high performance HF/VHF receiver designed for DXing with exceptional performance in the presence of strong overloading signals. If you are interested we also have our own review of the HF+ available here.

In the video below Alexander demonstrates the HF+ on SSB and CW modes in his GQRX software. See his YouTube channel for the rest of the videos. Currently there are about 7 videos demonstrating the HF+ on his channel.

Over on his Twitter account @csete Alex has also been uploading several images of the HF+ in action as well as some screenshots of it being compared against the RFSpace Cloud-IQ which is a $629 USD SDR. So far his impressions of the HF+ seem very high.

Testing the Airspy HF+ with Gqrx, then a pirate comes by...

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I hate all this talk about the Airspy HF+ , you guys really know how to drive people nuts . So the release for it is soon ,
define soon ????????????????? I do have a question about the frequency range and that is why was 6 meters left out ???????


According to the last announcement of Oct.5 they were sourcing parts. After 20 days they may have sourced them (?).


Maybe it was a unique electronic part that was difficult to source in bulk (not a common resistor/capacitor/inductor) 10k+ of any special part can easily have a 6 month plus lead time.

Typical times for long lead time electronic components: