An Easy Windows GNU Radio Setup Guide and Video for the SDRplay

SDRplay have recently posted a new workflow document and video that shows how to easily set up GNU Radio on Windows with an SDRplay software defined radio. They write:

GNU radio is a popular environment for teachers and developers involved in Digital Signal Processing and exploring new radio architectures. For receiver applications, the low cost dongle is a popular hardware choice, but if you need reliable, clean, continuous radio signal reception from 1kHz to 2 GHz (without the need for block converters or external filters) then an SDRplay RSP is a useful alternative.

With help from the GNU radio foundation, SDRplay has now made available a workflow for windows for all its RSP radios:

Special thanks goes to Frank Werner-Krippendorf (HB9FXQ) who did the original SDRplay source block development, and to Geof Nieboer who has developed the Powershell scripts which enable operation on Windows.

GNU Radio workflow for SDRplay and Windows

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I have download the tool today and it works very well with my RSP1A and i’m very happy.


were kind of stuffed with gnuradio 3.8, gr-osmosdr has no maintainer, tried various forks but failed to compile nonfree support sdrplay needs.


At the moment (Oct 2019) it works with the 3.7 Version of gnuradio not the 3.8 from the git repo.
For 3.8 I only get “osmosdr_source -> soapy -> sdrplay” to work, but only with limited bandwidth (2048 kHz).