Andreas Spiess Explains Software Defined Radio in YouTube Video

Over on YouTube Andreas Spiess has uploaded a video titled "How does Software Defined Radio (SDR) work under the Hood?". The video is an entertaining introduction to how software defined radio works and begins from the beginning by explaining how basic analogue radios work with components such as modulators, demodulators, frequency generators, mixers and filters. After the basics he goes on to explain the digitization of radio signals that occurs in SDRs, and gives an introduction ADCs and how IQ sampling works.

Later in the video Andreas shows various applications for SDRs, discusses various SDRs on the market like RTL-SDR, HackRF, SDRplay, LimeSDR and PlutoSDR and introduces GNU Radio Companion and other SDR programs from our big list of software post.

#286 How does Software Defined Radio (SDR) work under the Hood? SDR Tutorial

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K Richner

I could use a refresher I own several SDR’s and a Ham it up converter haven’t used them much because my memory from the 80s when I took a course in High School has faded a little I always wanted to get my FCC Operators licence but having a child that was a Toy I couldn’t afford wish SDR was around back then things would have been different ?