Building a 315 MHz Jammer with an Arduino

Over on YouTube CiferTech has uploaded a video showing how to create a low cost 315 MHz jammer using an Arduino and a cheap 315 MHz transmitter circuit. The 315 MHz band is used in some countries by short range wireless devices such as garage door openers, tire pressure sensors, hone security systems and car keyfobs. Some wireless home security systems have been shown to be vulnerable to jamming, as jamming can stop an alarm activation signal being received by the base unit. 

We want to note that building a jammer in most countries is completely illegal and the use of a jammer can result in severe penalties such as jail time.

315MHz JAMMER with Arduino

On a related note, we also wanted to point out this recent tweet by Naomi Wu (@realsexycyborg), a popular Technology YouTuber who is based in China. Her tweet pointed out that some local market scammers in China use rigged weighing scales which can force the scale to display an artificially high value by using a wireless handheld remote. To combat this handheld jammers are sold so that shoppers can prevent the scammer's remote control from communicating with the scale. Although jamming is still most likely illegal in China, this could be considered an ethical use of a jammer.

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Thanks for sharing. The public have a right to know how simple and common jamming and other wireless security hacks are so that we can protect ourselves. Don’t ever given in to those who say you need to hide information away. Knowledge is power!


As shown in the video. the ‘jamming’ antenna is placed right next to the wireless receiver and far closer than the handheld remote, of course its going to jam, its practically overloading the receiver. The jamming signal from the Ardiuno is a few mW of 2MHz bandwifth noise, it will have zero effect at any distance over a metre.

B & M

Thanks for Including articles like this for the Educational, Informational and Understanding of who and what IS happening around us all! Cheers!
B & M


Please, do not share this kind of information. It is very immoral and irresponsible. Jammers are pure cancer. It is my belief that people who can use such devices responsibly do not need YouTube tutorials to build them.