KrakenSDR Locates a Repeater Jammer in 1 Hour

Over on YouTubem channel NotaRubicon Productions has uploaded a video describing how a KrakenSDR was used to find the location of a person jamming a repeater site. Amateur radio enthusiasts can utilize VHF or UHF repeater towers, which receive signals from lower power handheld or other radios, and retransmit that signal at high power on a slightly different frequency over a much wider area. Unfortunately malicious people can jam these repeaters by transmitting at the same time as other users, effectively denying use of the repeater by legitimate users.

If you weren't already aware, KrakenSDR is our 5-channel coherent radio based on RTL-SDRs, and it can be used for applications like radio direction finding. We successfully crowd funded the device on Crowd Supply, and the device is currently available for sale on Crowd Supply, Mouser and direct from our website

In this video I read the story of how we caught the jammer that had been jamming our GMRS repeater for months, and how by using the KrakenSDR Radio Direction Finder (RF locator), we were at his house in 1 hour.

The KrakenSDR can track a signal being transmitted from 100Mhz to 1Ghz - so I can track ham repeater jammers, GMRS repeater jammers, ham-radio transmitters, GMRS radios - pretty much any transmitter with a signal strong enough for you to receive.

How The KrakenSDR Located Our Repeater Jammer In 1 Hour. Overview of the KrakenRF Inc. RF Locator


  1. Richard

    I found this video by wierd coincidence and am very surprised as to the location. I am now facinated with the growing possibilities of SDR. Thank you for creating this oddly deliverd story. I admit that it kind of sounded like a childrens bedtime story, but even so, it really delivered on the point it was focusing on and was polite in a serious way on a very serious topic. I like it! Thanks.

  2. DopeIsForHippies

    This video is literally the most usless SDR related video I have ever seen. Couldn’t watch past a minute and a half. Sounds like they got the jammer, great. The guy who made the video is an absolute moron, though.

  3. Jeff Hambleton

    When were you going to get to the point? I gave up long before your very interesting story started, if it ever did.

    • Anonymous

      Useless … now they claimed closed source and not public annou nce … they will free the stock … this device is mainly useless …

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