KrakenSDR now in stock in our shop

As per our previous post we wanted to note that our direct sales KrakenSDR shop is now up and running with immediate shipping available. There is only a limited number of KrakenSDRs and antenna sets that we can sell direct to customers. After this stock is depleted all sales will need to go through Crowd Supply again. Regardless, both Crowd Supply and our direct sales shop are in stock right now.

If you weren't already aware, KrakenSDR is our 5-channel coherent radio based on RTL-SDRs, and it can be used for applications like radio direction finding and passive radar. We successfully crowd funded the device on Crowd Supply.  

KrakenSDR Shop now open
KrakenSDR Shop now open
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Do not buy it … this is not anymore opensource


I would see it as proactive action taken, while they seek legal advise about ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) implications:


Ok so why no official announcement ?
We get flooded about kraken … not real pro ….


Pro-active of what …. ??? You take EU website and things is clear … why no information ?
I must go to twitter to find information ? Has kraken has been massively announced here ??

So … kraken will be a sell & forget ?


Hi, not have creditcard not possible to pay

Dave H

Is anyone developing software to perform radio direction finding in 3 dimensions with the KrakenSDR? With that many inputs it seems like one should be able to estimate an elevation component for the bearing. That could be handy for tracking aircraft, drones, and satellites.


3D direction finding is essentially the same as 2D. Just use two angles in the steering vector.