SDRplay RSP1A Metal Enclosure Upgrade Back in Stock at Amazon

We just wanted to note that after a few months delay due to a missing shipment carton which has just been found, the SDRplay RSP1A Enclosure Upgrade set is back in stock at Amazon for US customers. We also have stock available in our store and affiliated marketplace sites for non-US customers.

This is a premium aluminum metal upgrade enclosure for the SDRplay RSP1A. Helps block RF interference and protects the RSP inside the sturdy enclosure. We don't make batches of this enclosure often, and this batch could be the last if demand dwindles, so if you are interested please order before stock runs out for good.

The kit includes 1x black aluminum metal enclosure with two labelled side panels, 1x black semi-hardshell carry case, 1x thermal pad to keep the RSP1A cool and mechanically stable inside the enclosure, 1x accessory set including enclosure screws, GND lug bolt set and 3M anti-slip rubber feet.

Please note that the set does not include the RSP1A.

RSP1A Metal Case Upgrade
RSP1A Metal Case Upgrade
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