uSDR Updated to Version 1.6.0

Thank you to Viol for submitting news about the latest update of his uSDR software. uSDR (aka microSDR) is a lightweight general purpose multimode program for Windows that supports the RTL-SDR, Airspy, BladeRF, HackRF and LimeSDR radios. Viol highlights the latest features in the new update below: 

  • Airspy HF+ Discovery frontend support
  • ExtIO*.dll interface support. Copy ExtIO*.dll and all dependencies to the root folder and have a fun
  • ExtIO_USRP.dll and all dependencies for USRP B210 included. Just install Zadig libusb driver and go
  • LimeSDR multiple frontends switch fixed
  • FM demodulator with inverted audio spectrum
  • DCS decoder
  • additional C/C++ source examples for remote IQ passband processing TCP client
  • advanced IQ file playback options
  • display hold peak spectrum mode, zoomable and panable plot, customized colors

As always all descriptions, screenshots and binaries could be found on

uSDR aka microSDR. A lightweight SDR receiver program for Windows.

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