uSDR: A Lightweight Multimode SDR Receiver Program for Windows

Thank you to Viol Tailor for submitting news about the release of his general purpose multimode software defined radio receiver program for Windows called "uSDR" or "microSDR". Viol writes that uSDR is designed as a lightweight binary with a simple and compact user interface and highly optimized DSP to minimize CPU, hence the "micro" part of the name.

The software is compatible with RTL-SDR, Airspy, BladeRF, HackRF and LimeSDR radios. It has features including demodulation, base band and pass band recording, playback, and spectrum and waterfall visualizations.

uSDR aka microSDR. A lightweight SDR receiver program from Windows.
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Ron Rubin

When I start uSDR I do not have any sound. What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting I am missing that I should enable?


Nice job!! Mr.Viol Tailer, can you add function for send bitstream in IQ on socket in online mode?


Perfect, It’s really lightweight and to my surprise it works perfect under Windows XP! All it need’s now is a way to lock the side panel in place and a Bandplan on the FTT and maybe a frequency manager, Thanks!


Every new software that never lists support for sdrplay just makes me sigh internally and sigh dramatically.

Viol Tailer

My sdrplay rsp2 clone is being delivered soon from ali. The support list will be definitely supplemented with sdrplay rsp2 usb item.


Very nice! Is the Air Discovery + module compatible with the AirSPY DLL?

Viol Tailer

Sorry, not clear about “Air Discovery + module”. Did You mean “Airspy HF+ Discovery”? This module requires another DLL not implemented yet. Coming soon.


Yes, this it! I look forward to test it.


This SDR application is a breath of fresh air, no bloat and no dependancy-hell. It’s a stand-alone application, just unzip the download file and double-click uSDR.exe to run it. VirusTotal cames back with a clean 0/61 scan result for my download file. I can’t find any documentation but if you have used any other mainstream SDR app, uSDR operation will be intuitive. One thing to note, move the mouse cursor to the left edge of the display and the auto-hide configuration panel will fly out. That’s the ony thing that bothers me, I can’t find an option to turn off the auto-hide panel behavior. I prefer an always visible panel. It looks like the configuration options are stored in the simple plain-text Application.CONFIG file. Thank you Viol Tailer!

Viol Tailer

I will make some user guide as soon as possible. Tool panel behavior customization will be implemented in further version

Viol Tailer

I will make some user guide as soon as possible. Tool panel behavior customization will be implemented in further version.

Erik Skyes

That’s a great SDR! It’s written in Delphi and is as fast as C++ with a great GUI. No bloaded frameworks, just the bare minimum of native dlls. The best Windows SDR I’ve ever seen!

Viol, is there a way to contact you directly?

Erik Skyes


Can I connect to a dongle via a RTL_TCP server?

Viol Tailer

rtl_tcp and hackrf_tcp streaming will be implemented in further version