PiSDR Updated to Version 3.0: Now Supports the Airspy HF+

PiSDR is a Raspberry Pi distribution that is pre-loaded with multiple programs for various software defined radios. It currently supports RTL-SDR, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, Airspy, and as of the most recent update the Airspy HF+. The currently pre-installed software packages include SDR Angel, Soapy Remote, GQRX, GNURadio, LimeUtil, and LimeVNA.

Recently version 3.0 was released, and this new version adds a few new features like Desktop shortcuts, Raspberry Pi 4 support, Airspy HF+ support and documentation.

The latest image can be downloaded from the PiSDR website at https://pisdr.luigifreitas.me. It can be burned to an SD card in the same way that you would with a standard Raspbian installation. This is a great image to start from if you're experimenting with RTL-SDRs on a Raspberry Pi, as it means that you don't need to go through all the steps of installing the drivers and software like GQRX and GNU Radio which can take a long time to install.

PiSDR Running a SDRAngel with a LimeSDR
PiSDR Running a SDRAngel with a LimeSDR


  1. Daniel Fox

    I am having trouble with the audio. The previous card image I had worked fine, but the PISDR image audio is very distorted and low level. I think it has something to do with the ALSA sound plug-in. Any suggestions?

  2. hookalaya

    No SdrPlay support at all… well 4me and thousands of others that have SdrPlay devices this software is [email protected]#$%& useless! I h8 it when developers don’t add support for devices they don’t own.
    Oh well their loss pretty sure SdrUno would run rings around their

    • Linas

      No need to be angry! SDRPlay have released their own Raspberry Pi image V0.6 loaded with lots of software, like GQRX, Cubic SDR etc. It’s on their website , free. https://www.sdrplay.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4884. I have it and it works just fine on my Pi-4. And I am going to obtain the PISDR when my new RTL-SDR dongle arrives. I have no need the PISDR to be working with SDRPlay because I’ve got the RPI V0.6 for that :). And I think there must be possible for me just to install some one or two apps which I like best later on onto my major SD card in order to run both my RSPDuo and my RTL-SDR with no need to swap entire OS each time :). Merry Christmas!

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