Building a Ground Plane / Spider ADS-B Antenna for 2€

Thanks to Manuel aka Tysonpower for submitting to us his extremely cheap ADS-B antenna build. Manuels ADS-B antenna consists of a simple SMA connector with flange and some wires cut to the correct resonant length for 1090 MHz ADS-B. This ground plane design has been around for years on the internet with atouk’s guide being the most commonly used, although atouk’s design uses a larger SO-239 connector instead. Manuel takes the design one step cheaper by using cheap single core copper wire for the elements, and a low cost SMA connector. The wires are soldered onto the SMA connector flange so you will need to know how to solder to complete the antenna.

Manuel has uploaded a video which shows the build steps for his cheap antenna in a step by step guide. We note that the video is narrated in German, but there are English subtitles.

[EN subs] ADSB Antenne für 2€ - DIY

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very funny that I made a similar a few days before 😀
I’ve used the chimney aluminum arm as a holder plate, and the SMA connector friction fit the whole antenna:


Solder the ends together to form a better ground plane – it will also help in structural integrity.
I can’t think of a cheaper antenna than this.


SMA-GP vs Cantenna: the war of the titans 😀


coaxial colinear wins.