Crowd Supply Discovery Dish Teardown Session: Thursday 30 November Noon PST

Crowd Supply is hosting Teardown Session 38 on Thursday 3- November at Noon PST time which will feature the Discovery Dish. Join us for this livestream where I will be talking about and showing the Discovery Dish prototype.

Discovery Dish is currently being crowd funded over on Crowd Supply. It is designed to be an easy entry to the world of L-band weather satellites, hydrogen line radio astronomy, and Inmarsat reception. The Discovery Dish aims to be the start of an ecosystem of hardware designed to get users set up with satellite reception, including a planned companion light-duty antenna rotator.

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Teardown Session 38: Discovery Dish

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Is Discovery Dish compatible with PCB antennas, such as Vivaldi or log-periodic?

I would put a broadband PCB antenna in the focus to perform licensed ham radio experiments.

Thank you.


Thank you for your answer.


Nice talk! Can’t wait to receive mine.

Stefan Wagener

Why would anyone set the crowdfunding goal for this $100 dish at $100,000? It looks like a make me rich quickly scheme. Now 13 days left and only 39%. Well, I cancelled my order!


What an id***!


This comment aged poorly didn’t it. It’s even gone over the funding goal.