CrowdFunding for the uSDR has started: A $299 M.2 TX/RX 300-3700 MHz, 30.72 MSPS SDR

Back in May we posted about pre-release news of the uSDR, a duplex TX & RX capable software defined radio, with a frequency range of 300-3700 MHz, and up to 30.72 MSPS of sampling rate. It also has an interesting defining feature in that it can be controlled via a web browser and that it connect via an M.2 slot (with a USB adapter available too).

The uSDR recently started it's crowd funding phase on CrowdSupply a few hours ago. It is priced at $299 for the uSDR board, with various adapters and antennas also available for purchase.

The CrowdSupply page has been updated and includes full details about the SDR, noting it's use of the LMS6002 SDR chip from Lime Microsystems and a Xilinx Artix 7 XC7A35T FPGA.

They also show screenshots of their web software which is looking pretty slick. It appears that you can instantiate various apps from the web interface. The apps include a 2G cellular network, FM receiver, IQ generator, IQ playback, frequency spectrum monitor, device sharing, signal analyzer, signal inspector and spectrogram.

uSDR. A Tiny M.2 single component SDR controlled from a Web browser

uSDR. Cellular network in a browser


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