DailyMail Article about the YARD Stick One

Back in May of this year the DailyMail ran an article discussing how the HackRF by Great Scott Gadgets could be used to break into cars. The DailyMail is a British tabloid magazine well known for its low credibility and alarmist articles. This week they ran a new article about Great Scott Gadgets other product, the Yard Stick One. In the article they discuss how the £109 Yard Stick One tool can be used to disable wireless burglar alarms. The YARD Stick One is not an SDR, but rather a computer controlled radio which can be used to transmit and receive wireless digital signals below 1 GHz. It is useful for wireless security research and reverse engineering digital signals in a way that is a bit easier than with using an SDR like the HackRF.

In the experiment performed in the article they use the YARD Stick one to jam a wireless home alarm for a few seconds allowing entry to the property without setting off the alarm. All in all the article is a good advert for the YARD Stick One, and does do a decent job at drawing attention to the lack of security provided by many wireless security devices.

DailyMail shows how a YS1 can be used to jam a wireless burglar alarm.
DailyMail shows how a YS1 can be used to jam a wireless burglar alarm.
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Daily Mail is still better than CNN.


Easier to TX on 433.9 from a portable ham radio.

Be Rite

It is a just generic media industry stereotypical stock photo, put “stock photo hacker” into your search engine of choice, and click on images. It is usually a hoodie and a laptop if it is a “stock photo hacker outside” or a balaclava/tights and a laptop if it is a “stock photo hacker inside or indoors”.

It is a bit like a “stock photo house burglar” are always displayed as wearing a mask/balaclava and a either all black or a light and dark striped T-shirt carrying a bag with SWAG written on it or dollar signs.

DB Gain

A hoodie is requisite for nefariousness.


Good thing I have plenty… Now to work on my evil laugh.


Is the hoodie required or optional?


“low credibility and alarmist articles” – Very accurate description of the Daily Mail there.