Decoding APRS with SDR#, APRSISCE32 and an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user k2nccvids has posted a video showing how he was able to decode APRS signals and plot them on a map using APRSISCE32. APRSISCE32 is an advanced Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) decoder which has mapping capabilities and can also connect to the internet as an iGate. APRS is used by amateur radio hobbyists to send data like messages, announcements and also GPS coordinates.


    • k2ncc

      I honestly don’t know. That was early on and it seems i had to do something odd. i’m on other projects but will revisit APRSIS32 later. I’ll verify it actually works (or doesn’t) and update the details here and on youtube. thanks for bringing it up Somer. de frank k2ncc

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