Decoding DMR on OSX using a RTL SDR and DSD Plus

DSD+ (Digital Speech Decoder+) is a popular Windows tool that can be used together with an RTL-SDR to decode digital speech signals such as P25 and DMR. There is unfortunately no version for OSX.

However, recently on YouTube user Matthew Miller has uploaded a video showing DSD+ running with CubicSDR on OSX. To do this he used a utility called “Wine Skin” which creates a wrapper that allows Windows software to run on a MAC computer running OSX. This means that DSD+ can be run on directly OSX without the need to use a virtual machine with Windows installed on it.

Decoding DMR on OSX using a RTL SDR and DSD Plus

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Jack McHugh

Yes here is the link


Has anyone succeeded in similarly running UniTrunker in OS X using WineSkin? After following this method to successfully install DSDplus, I was then able to install UniTrunker this way. However, I then add a receiver, the RT2832 is not recognized.

Jack McHugh

Yes here is the YouTube link